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The best mechanical keyboards you can buy in 2020

Mechanical keyboards are among the most desired by typists and gamers. They can offer the fastest and most accurate switches, excellent RGB lighting, and fantastic durability. But even among the best mechanical keyboards, some simply outshine the rest.

The fingers of one hand using one of the best mechanical keyboards for Mac Vinpok Taptek keyboard located on a wooden desk

Our favorite is the Logitech G Pro, which has a great compact design, great switches, and beautiful lighting. But if it's not your preference, there are other great alternatives worth considering. Check them out below!

The best mechanical keyboards

The best overall mechanical keyboard

Logitech G Pro Gaming

The best mechanical keyboard overall: Logitech G Pro Gaming on a wooden desk

It can be oriented to gamersBut the Logitech G Pro is a fantastic keyboard, whether you're destroying enemies or feverishly typing. In fact, it received a near-perfect score when we tested it in mid-2017.

With this model, Logitech abandoned the old Cherry MX switches for the in-house Romer-Gs, which use a low profile and provide quick response. They are rated to last up to 70 million keystrokes and pass rigorous testing. The result is a compact, high-performance mechanical keyboard that is simply hard to beat.

Whether you customize the RGB LED backlight or reassign the keys, the tools are intuitive and powerful. You can even create custom profiles for individual games so that the Pro G responds exactly how you want, as soon as the game starts.

Thanks to the combination of fast and surprisingly quiet switches, a compact and lightweight LAN gaming package, RGB backlight, and a non-outrageous price tag, the Logitech G Pro Gaming keyboard is our long-time favorite mechanical keyboard.

The best mechanical gaming keyboard

Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2

Best mechanical keyboard for gaming: Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 on a wooden desk and next to it a flat metallic circular device

Razer will be able to produce all kinds of excellent hardware, like the Razer Blade laptop, but its high-profile peripherals, such as top-notch mechanical keyboards, remain its great strength. The BlackWidow Chroma V2 is our favorite, a mechanical keyboard that features RGB LED backlighting, multiple switch options, and improved aesthetics over its predecessors.

Sporting Razer's internal mechanical switches and fully programmable keys allow you to configure the Chroma V2 exactly the way you want it, be it custom RGB lighting, custom Macro keys, or how the keys feel at your fingertips.

The ports Passthru for microphones and headphones, as well as a USB-A port, make cable management easier and lead to a cleaner desktop.

This keyboard is backed by Razer's excellent Synapse software, allowing you to thoroughly control every aspect. It also syncs with any other Synapse-compatible Razer product you own.

The best mechanical keyboard for professionals

Das Keyboard 4 Professional

Partial view of Best mechanical keyboard for professionals: Das Keyboard 4 Professional

Designed in Germany and American-made, the Das Keyboard 4 Professional stands out among all the others in the Das line. It features a standard 104-key layout, with multimedia keys located at the top right along with an attractive dial, which adjusts the volume of your computer with just a twist. Flaunts full rotation of n keys, so you can press as many keys as you like without interruption.

Additionally, the gold plated Cherry MX keys are rated to withstand over 50 million keystrokes, a standard for mechanical keyboards. The key caps even feature a new Das Keyboard font for a more refined appearance and easier reading.

Ergonomics and aesthetics remain intact regardless of the key switches you choose, but the tactile feedback and active response rate are entirely up to you. We prefer the Cherry MX Blue key switches, due to the satisfactory audible click, but check out the brown or red key switches if you're looking for something a little quieter and with less action.

The best mechanical keyboard without numeric keypad

Logitech G Pro X

Best mechanical keyboard without a number pad: Logitech G Pro X on a wooden desk

Logitech's G Pro X keyboard is both an evolution of its traditional G Pro and an unnecessary upgrade if you don't need its main advantage: interchangeable switches. Compatible with Logitech's GX Blue, Brown, and Red switches, as well as a full suite of Cherry MX switches, this keyboard allows you to swap individual keys. That means you can fully customize your keyboard like no other, effectively allowing you to use this keyboard as long as the parts remain available.

In addition to the switches, the interchangeable USB cable eliminates another potential point of failure. Overall, the G Pro X is super compact, ideal for gaming and typing, and provides a subtle, well-designed backlight. The multimedia keys could work with a little more love, but they are better than having no control.

Unfortunately, the Logitech keyboard is expensive. If you don't want the interchangeable keys, the standard G Pro is just as good for less money.

The best mechanical keyboard with RGB light

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

Best mechanical keyboard for RGB: Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

Corsair was once known to many as a memory maker. Now it produces some of the best mechanical keyboards in the world for gamers and typists alike. A good example is its K95 Platinum, the peak of that mountain of clicks that contains some of the best features of any keyboard on the market.

Available with a choice of Cherry MX, Brown, or Silver (Speed) switches and a choice of Black or Gunmetal Gray finishes, the K95 features RGB backlighting with deep customization options and a dedicated, textured macro keyset. The frame is derived from anodized brushed aluminum and includes a removable wrist rest.