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The best applications to make video calls

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The happy coronavirus, which we talk about in practically all articles, is temporarily forcing us to change our day-to-day, because because we can't go to work, we have to do it from home, we can't go outside except in a very specific number of cases …

Contact with other people who are not members of the same family is essential in these cases of isolation. Fortunately, current technology allows us to solve the problem of not being able to leave the house easily through our mobile device, computer, tablet … Here we show you which are the best applications to make video calls.

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If we talk about video calls, the first application should come to mind is Skype, the pioneer in offering video calls completely free of charge. Skype, which is now part of Microsoft, is integrated into the Windows ecosystem, but it not only allows us to make video calls, but it is also an excellent messaging application that allows us to send any type of file, call foreign phones for very little money, show our desktop …

If your needs to make video calls go through a very complete application, Skype is the best application currently available on the market. Also, it is available in all desktop and mobile ecosystems, it even works via the web, so there is no excuse not to give it a try if we haven't already. The only requirement to use Skype is to have a Microsoft account, so we can use the same as on our Windows 10 computer.

Skype: free video calls and IM

Skype: free video calls and IM

The Lite version of Skype is intended for older devices, with fewer resources and offers us the same functions as the other available version.

Skype Lite - Free Video Call & Chat