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The 15 best offline cooperative games for Xbox One

Playing is fun when you play an amazing game, but what makes it even more fun is the fact that you can play with your friends together. You don't always need the Internet to enjoy multiplayer games, as there are some of the best games that offer sofas for Xbox One. Couch co-op means that you and your friend can play together on a single Xbox One and on the same sof .

So if you are looking for some awesome games that offer a co-op sofa on the Xbox One then look no further because Here are the 15 best offline cooperative games for the Xbox One:

1. Halo: Masterchief Collection

First up is the Halo: Masterchief collection. Although the local cooperative mode only satisfies the split screen for two players, you can choose with the collection of modes to choose from. For those who are not aware, the Masterchief Collection includes the first 4 Halo titles so newbies (or past nostalgic players) get a feel for the story up to Halo 5.

The best part of all: each of the titles is ready for cooperation . This is quite surprising, as it means that when one of the players dies, they can easily reappear once the live player is out of the combat zone, which is slightly more difficult when playing in single player mode due to to limited lives.

Testing your luck in Legendary mode in Halo 2 is something you would normally avoid on your own, but with at least two players in cooperative mode, you have a sporting chance of surviving.

Where to buy: Microsoft store

2. Battleborn

If you are like me and managed to complete Battleborn but did not achieve the final scores you strived for, don't worry! In offline co-op mode, two players can select which mission they would like to play next, in addition to being able to play through previously visited missions in an attempt to win the button worth owning.

With 25 different warriors to choose from, each with their own skill tree that allows you to unlock new weapons and attributes, this is a game where having someone fighting in your corner will have a positive impact on the improvement of your selected character. Having two players fighting different enemies is going to be a bonus for Battleborn.

Where to buy: Microsoft store

3. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Continuing the fun of the previous Plants vs Zombies, this title has kept the same wacky gameplay along with cooperative mode, with some new parts of added content. What I love about this sequel is that it includes a series of activities in which you and your friends can participate, and by completing certain co-op missions, you earn coins which, in turn, can be used to purchase sticker and card packs as an added incentive.

I just love games that entice you to play with friends instead of playing alone, and this is truly a title that encourages playing at a party rather than working as a single player. I am looking forward to seeing another game in this unusual collection of games.

Where to buy: Microsoft store

4. LEGO Marvel Superheroes

Being a huge DC and Marvel fan, I was pretty upset that this Lego title made cooperative mode available in all campaign mode. With many of the Lego games, there are often many collectibles throughout the game. If you have multiple players, it is much easier to find these items: two pairs of eyes are better than one!

In many character-based cooperative-enabled games, you find that your favorite playable roles are only available in a single-player campaign, but not this one. There are over 100 characters for players to unlock, and once they are available for use, they are available for all players to enjoy. To name a few of the playable characters: Iron Man, Spiderman, The Hulk, Captain America and of course Deadpool .

Where to buy: Microsoft store

5. Rayman Legends

There may not be an online co-op mode available in this backward-compatible masterpiece, but this is a game you'll want to make sure your drivers are loaded with. This is one of those games where you let reality drift away, and with four locally enabled players, it promises to drag your friends and family into this world of weird and wonderful levels.

The difference with this platform title is that all players share the same screen, which unfortunately means that those left behind in the level are rewarded with the death penalty, which is quite fun when you see how frustrated they are. the other players. This is your opportunity to tell your classmates to keep up and not to die!

Where to buy: Microsoft store

6. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Whoever it is someone knows how incredibly addictive Black Ops 3 is to playing online, and that's one reason why many players get lost and often forget that it is a very similar experience when playing on a sof with friends. In Ops 3, four players can work together to advance the campaign, which can often be more enjoyable than the lone ranger approach.

Both zombies as multiple players can be played through a 4 player split screenWhich means you have the flexibility to play every aspect of the game on your own or with up to three other friends. I mean, who wouldn't want to test the capabilities of the futuristic technology available in this version of COD, being immature with your peers?

Where to buy: Microsoft store

7. Diablo III

The third game in the Diablo series will appeal to fans of The Hobbit, Skyrim and other movies / games that have a charm element . Offline cooperative sofa mode invites up to four players to play; A fair feature is the fact that the difficulty setting is automatically adjusted depending on the number of players in the game. I think this works fine, otherwise you would find it very easy to find the game and who would want that to happen?

With a wide variety of roles to choose from, including a wizard, a witch doctor, a crusader, a barbarian, and a demon, you will have no reason to argue with friends about what class each of you should choose.

Where to buy: Microsoft store

8. Minecraft

This lengthy title appeals to both young and old gamers and offers one of the best examples of a local co-op mode I've ever seen. One of the great aspects of the game's cooperative approach is the flexibility it provides. Looking to hunt chickens, or maybe you prefer mining for diamonds, whatever it is you decide to be a lot more fun laughing with friends sitting next to you.

If you are a beginner, the game should be attractive to you as it allows you to play with friends who may have a little more experience than other players and will be constantly on the alert due to the expansive nature of the game. . A perfect fit for any group of friends.

Where to buy: Microsoft store


The online game is not compatible with this game but, in my opinion, it would spoil it, as this is the type of game that should be played while surrounded by friends or family. You can expect a lot of giggles and giggles when the game involves finned wing birds.

As a rule, this title admits a local cooperative mode for four players, which is a feature that further enhances the game so that everyone can enjoy the stunning graphics throughout the game. This game is also offered on most mobile devices, which have been reaching multiple next-gen consoles. While the smartphone version of the game requires tapping on the screen, the console version has been tweaked for toggle controls and analog triggers.

Where to buy: Microsoft store

10. Resident Evil: Revelations 2

I am sure it is not just my opinion; Everyone knows how awful it can be to sit back and play any of the Resident Evil games on your own, and that is in daylight! Have the ability to prevent zombies from eating meat They kick you out in the game, introducing a second player to help you on the path of survival is nothing but a relief.

Imagine going hunting for a collectible; You can see it, but you can't access the area it's in because it's blocked by an ugly-looking zombie. This could be a problem in single player mode, but having someone with you in the co-op could see one player keep the zombie busy while the others sneak up and pick up the wanted item, that's teamwork.

Where to buy: Microsoft store

11. ARCA: Survival Evolved

Ark can be described as an online multiplayer action game, but the developers have taken all players into account when enabling a cooperative offline game mode for two players. Steam exclusive game sees players in a prehistoric world of dinosaurs, where, as the title suggests, a survival element is added to the table. Ark sees players working together in search of food, building shelters from the resources they have gathered, and creating new items.

As they progress through the game, players will experience a wide variety of different dinosaurs, from the largest at the top of the food chain to the smallest and least intimidating beasts that are no bigger than the main character. Obviously, the experience is enhanced by making those closest to you and loved ones ran out of the attempts and failures of others.

Where to buy: Microsoft store

12. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

When Locust Horde devastates the world around you and fight to survive is at stake, you have a feeling you might need a little help. Gamers have taken players into account by allowing gamers to fight throughout the entire campaign mode of the game in a cooperative split-screen two-player gameplay style. As players on the Marcus Fenix ​​fire team ride through waves of otherworldly enemies, you'll be more than happy that another team member brings extra firepower.

All burning guns are usually the way to go when playing single player campaign, but playing with someone next to you can change your thinking and make you think more tactically.

Where to buy: Microsoft store

13. Rocket League

The following is a game that will attract a group of boys looking for a title that offers an offline co-op for up to 4 players. If you're in the mood for a 4v4, 3v3, or 2v2 game, then you and your team can team up in AI for a truly masculine experience.

For players who are new to the Rocket League, here's the truth: it's essentially a football game but with a twist . You have the sand, you have the ball, but the way to score is to use vehicles equipped with reinforcements to propel the ball towards the goal. Considering that someone has to be close to the goal to save the ball!

Where to buy: Microsoft Store

14. Resident Evil 6

Unlike the Resident Evil title mentioned above, this game in the series is focuses more on the puzzle aspect of the game and the element of horror is secondary. That being said, it is not yet a game where you would like to sit and play alone in the dark. Like its predecessor, the game offers a cooperative gameplay feature for two players.

Although players have the opportunity to play up to six different characters throughout the story, the two-player co-op game also expands to allow both of them to play in mercenary mode. If there are four players ready to jump into the game, there is a handful of intersections, which brings two additional players to join the game known as com-co-op.

Where to buy: Microsoft store

15. Pang Adventures

Unlike most other offline co-op games, Pang Adventures comes with an amazing trick, meaning you can only play co-op story mode once all stories have been completed in single player effort. Once story mode is complete, the two player co-op will be available, which means you can join to save the world from an impending alien invasion that looms throughout history.

Are you struggling to complete the game's story mode? No problem, Panic Mode, Tour Mode, and Scoring Attack are all available to ensure your friend can join in on the fun, rather than sitting around watching him grab Xbox control.

Where to buy: Microsoft store

Ready to enjoy Xbox One with your friends?

If you have friends coming soon for an Xbox One round, these are the best games you can play together. Just relax and enjoy these amazing offline cooperative games on your Xbox One. Also, feel free to mention any other games you like to play on your Xbox One. Turn off the sound in the comment section below.