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The 10 best board games to play with your friends remotely

remote board games

In these times of confinement by the coronavirus, anyone dusts off the board games they have at home to play as a family. However, it is normal that at some point you feel like playing with someone who is not close to you. For this reason, we will tell you what they are the 10 best board games to play with your friends remotelyfrom the mobile.

10 board games to play remotely with your friends on mobile

You're about to see a list with 10 board games to distract you with your friends even if they are far from you. Undoubtedly, each of these titles has what it takes so that you don't get bored at home during this coronavirus situation. Download the one you like the most, tell your friends and start playing as soon as possible!

RISK, a game to dominate the world

risk "width =" 700 "height =" 415 "data-lazy-src =" "/></p><p>RISK is an iconic strategy game in which<strong> your only goal is to dominate the world</strong>. This Android version offers the excitement of world domination and the sensations of the classic tabletop RISK. In addition, it comes with an infinity of options to personalize your experience.</p><p>As if that were not enough, it is a multiplatform version that<strong> allows you to play with millions of players who connect through their mobile phones or PC</strong>. The game includes 5 difficulty levels for novices and veterans and allows up to 6 players to fight for world domination.</p><h3>Guess who I am, a classic that comes to your mobile</h3></p><p>In the official app market there are board games of all kinds and for all tastes. One of the most recognized is Guess who I am, <strong>the classic game in which you ask your opponent questions to guess which character has</strong> and win the game.</p><p>Although this game is more exciting in person, it is <strong>a great distraction for all Android users</strong>. If you wanted to entertain yourself for a while, describe it for free from the button below and ask the questions that are necessary to guess the character that your opponent has.</p><p> <img src=

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Chess, play and learn

Online Chess Play and Learn

Unlike the other games on the list, this one teaches you the basics of chess so you can become a true master. Also, gives you the ability to play with and interact with people around the world while you play. As you must surely be imagining, this is a perfect game to have a good time with friends. Without a doubt, it is one of the best chess games that you can find in the Play Store.

Here you can play against the computer to hone your skills before facing real opponents. Those, artificial intelligence analyze everything you've done wrong and help you correct every mistake what you commit Ideal to learn and enjoy at the same time!

Parchs Star, ideal to kill boredom

Do you like to play Parchs? So Download this game and have a good time of distraction in front of the screen of your mobile or Android tablet. The rules are the same as always, but now you can enter multiplayer (for 2 or 4 players) and comment on the game through chat.

Asked, test your knowledge

Asked is a popular trivia game that turns out to be extremely entertaining. In case you did not know, it is a title that has a large number of users in all parts of the world.

If you are a fan of trivial games, and also like to compete against other people online, Asked is the title that you have to install on your Android mobile. Do you want to test your knowledge and have fun at the same time? So download Asked and enjoy with your friends during these days of confinement.

Scrabble, for letter lovers

Scrabble is a very popular game in which you must create words on a board with the letter tiles that come out. In this Android version, the best thing to do is to start with simple games and then test your skills with the competition mode.

As if that were not enough, it offers the possibility of connect it to your Facebook account to play with your friends. The more levels you reach in the game, the more extra functions you will unlock. The perfect game to challenge any of your friends!Although Scrabble GO has recently been released to give it a facelift.

Pictionary, a magical game

Pictionary is another classic board game that needs no introduction. Here you will have to draw any of the words that appear on the screen. When you have your drawing ready, you just have to send it and wait for your opponent to guess what it is.

Download this game during the confinement for the coronavirus and challenge all your friends, no matter where they are. You just have to add them and start competing. Fun is guaranteed!

Domin, one of the most popular board games in the world

Domin is a very popular game in all parts of the world. The goal is simple, people must place their tiles to match those already on the board. In this free version for Android, you will be able to enjoy different game modes such as the Classic Domin or the Closed Domin, in which you have to spend a turn when you don't have suitable chips to play.

Get three friends, make everyone download this game and have a good time playing dominoes through their smartphones!

Serpents and King Stairs, a childhood classic

A classic board game in which you will have to Reach the goal using stairs to move and overcoming the snakes that hinder your way. In this version for Android, you can play alone or against your friends using multiplayer. A perfect game to hang out!

Sea Battle 2, Battleship for Android

Sea Battle 2 is a version of the popular Battleship for Android. Just like in the original game, here you have to kill all your opponent's ships by guessing where they are on the board.

In Sea Battle 2 you will advance through the ranks until you become an admiral based on victories. In addition, it offers the possibility of playing against bots or take on other players in the world in online game mode. Without a doubt, it is a title that has everything you need to distract yourself with your friends from a distance.

You realized? There are tons of board games for Android that you can play with your friends while you are confined to the coronavirus. Whatever you download, they are all entertaining enough to help you kill time. And you, which one did you like the most?