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So you can share texts with your mobile camera

Productivity applications make our mobile an indispensable tool in our day to day. The camera, for example, is capable of doing incredible things, and today we teach you how to share real-world texts with your smartphone. This application is very simple, but also useful.

Scan and share text that easy

The world of applications is becoming more complex, and it seems distant in those days where applications were simple and served a specific purpose. AutoPick is one of those applications, and although it seems simple it has its utility.

Imagine that you find a sign on the street, or that you are in the library. You come across a text that you want to send to a colleague, but it is very long. The normal thing would be to take a photo and let it settle, but if you are interested in using it for a job or report, maybe it will complicate things.

AutoPick boasts of using Artificial Intelligence to fix this. It is not for less, since this technology is usually good for optical recognition. What this application does is open the camera of our mobile and analyze what we are seeing at that moment.

After an analysis phase, AutoPick will take the text and save it to a personal clipboard of the application where we can access all the previous scans. By default, it will also open the share menu so that we can send the text. Quick, simple and comfortable.

AutoPick is an application capable of recognizing text in 18 languages, including English, Spanish, Catalan and even Latin. It is a free application and without adsAlthough we can subscribe for 4 euros a year. In exchange, we can scan multiple blocks of text in a screenshot.

On a personal level it is an application that I liked and that has its niche. Whether it's saving announcements you read in the elevator or having your own library of celebrity quotes, it's a worthwhile app.