Siri helps users with possible coronaviruses

Siri is one of the best known virtual assistants. Coronavirus is the most feared disease at the moment and Siri is the one who could help us to give us more clues as to whether or not it is possible that we have the coronavirus.

We can ask the virtual assistant Siri to program alarms, ask him about the traffic situation and now even know if we can have the coronavirus or not. In order for Siri to perform a quick test with Yes or No questions related to coronavirus symptoms, we only have to say: Hey Siri, do I have the coronavirus?

Then Apple's virtual assistant start asking us questions about possible symptoms as if we have a fever or shortness of breath. After having asked a few questions, Siri will advise us if we should call the emergency number or it is only recommended that we stay at home isolated to avoid infecting more people.

We must bear in mind that Siri says that we have the coronavirus or not it does not have to be a reliable indicative. It is advisable to carry out tests on whether we have the coronavirus from official sources, in the case of Spain, it could be that of the Community of Madrid or that of the Generalitat, which are tests through which we we can contact a doctor directly if the situation gets complicated.

At the moment, the possibility of asking Siri whether or not we have the coronavirus is only available in the United States, although it is not known whether this function will extend beyond the American borders. It is likely to reach others due to the number of coronavirus cases that exist around the world.

Despite not being a reliable test, it is always useful to have this type of test at hand where at any time, even our smartphone, you can consider calling the doctor or giving us isolated at home.

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What do you think of the new Siri feature? Do you think reaching other countries?

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