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Pokmon GO, first analysis of this huge Android game

We had been waiting for it for a while and finally we have it among us: Pokémon GO, the game that is called to be the title of the year on mobile, now available for download and installation. Although its distribution is somewhat limited depending on each country, the APK is now available to install it on the vast majority of Android smartphones equal to or greater than KitKat 4.4. And, of course, we couldn't resist trying it.

Haven't tried yet Pokémon GO for Android? Have you not experienced in first person the experience of capturing Pokémon from mobile augmented reality? The truth is that this new installment is very interesting, even for those who have never tried a Pokémon game. Curious, fun, addictive and one more incentive to move and play sports. It has almost everything! Especially Pokémon, many Pokémon; who are roaming at ease near you wanting to swell your Pokédex.

And if for some reason you will not be able to test the game for a few hours, we bring you our contact with Pok√©mon GO on Android. First steps, initial tricks, considerations on battery consumption … a guide so you don't get lost hunting the Pok√©mon, in short.

First steps in Pokémon GO, this is how the game begins

Pokémon GO touchdown for Android

Pokémon GO Follow in the footsteps, and never better said, of Ingress, the famous Google game based on augmented reality and geolocation. Using the phone's GPS, the gyroscope (you already have another reason to look for this component on your next smartphone) and the screen, we will have to go around our environment in search of wild Pokémon. Come on, just like we would in any Nintendo game, although this time the movement is literal.

To start the game we will have to identify ourselves with our Google account or with our Pokémon trainers account; then we will have to customize our character

As soon as the game starts, Professor Willow will give us a talk on how to play and how the mythical animals are captured. The objective of this first part is simple: we will have at our disposal a number of Poké balls (limited), an on-screen map with a green sketch of the real environment and our character superimposed on the map that will imitate our movements and orientation. Obviously, we must first choose a character and enter Pokémon GO with an account (already made in Pokémon trainers or a new one).

Pokémon GO touchdown for Android

We choose whether we will be a girl or a boy, we will select certain features and clothing, a name with which we will appear on the map and voila: to catch Pok√©mon. And the first ones do not take long to come out: to start with the tutorial we will have three of them very close; among which are a Charmander and a Squirtle (¬ęlet's calm down¬ę).

How to capture and thicken the Pokédex? It is enough that we approach the location of the Pokémon, we touch them on the screen when they are close and, once the augmented reality comes into play with the "bug" superimposed on the street, we will have to throw the Poké ball in the purest Angry Birds style. It's not as easy as it sounds: lots of Poké balls are wasted until it takes some practice. And they are limited!

Movement is basic in Pokémon Go: sitting on the sofa you can't get Pokémon

Pokémon GO touchdown for Android

The game uses a lot of GPS connectivity, so we will have to leave our house to capture new Pokémon

One of the main objectives of the game is to stimulate exercise and to leave the house. As the GPS is to be used, and the Pokémon are scattered on the street, it is inevitable leave home if we want to increase the collection of the Pokédex. We will even get different badges regarding activity, even if we run after the Pokémon: the GPS log also saves our activity.

In addition to capturing Pokémon on the street thanks to the use of augmented reality we must also go to the Poképaradas, a kind of shops located in central and monumental places where we can acquire the Poké balls and other essential accessories in the game. Also the training gyms: we must conquer them by joining a team of coaches (as in Ingress). In these gyms we can train our Pokémon by assigning them so that they not only increase in level, they will also raise the category of the gym itself.

Pokémon GO touchdown for Android

Fighting between gyms using Pokémon promises to be most interesting once Pokémon GO spreads among the majority of mobile users. I have not been able to test this function or the Poképaradas because I am not in a central area, another reason why this game stimulates movement: if we want to progress we will have to visit different areas of our city or town. Only in this way will we capture all the Pokémon and progress as trainers.

Pokémon GO is not spared: in-app purchases are also protagonists

Pokémon GO touchdown for Android

In a game that is free sooner or later the IAPs had to come out. Just click on the Poké Ball icon (appears on the screen) and click on "Store": we will access the option to purchase items without having to go to the PokéStop using the in-game currency while also allowing us acquire said currency with real money. Prices range from 0.99 euros for 100 coins to 99.99 euros for 14,500.

In-app purchases are built into Pokémon Go. And a lot

In addition to the coins (with the Pikachu emblem), In Pokémon GO we have candy for each Pokémon with which we can increase its power. To obtain these candies, it is enough that we transfer the same Pokémon to the teacher in exchange for the sweets. In this way we are not only encouraged to complete the Pokédex, but we want to capture repeats to increase the level of the strongest.

And of course, the evolution of the Pokémon that we already have in the Pokédex also influences. We will be able to force said evolution in exchange for currencies; thereby achieving the evolved form in addition to the greater power implicit in it.

Pokémon GO will be a huge game with the whole Earth to explore

Pokémon GO touchdown for Android

The first contact was very positive: both the concept and the charming charm of the game made us want to go outside to enjoy the offer. I found no glitches even though the game is still in the early stages of development, but it seems there are still problems, especially with the installation in some mobile models.

In addition, the game can consume a significant volume of data, and the battery can also end up suffering within a few hours of departure. In fact, in the case of the battery, it is enough to make calculations: always on screen, GPS, graphics … The consumption is very high and will affect those models with less autonomy. In terms of data expenditure, I used just over 4 MB in half an hour of capture with about ten achieved Pok√©mon. The average expenditure of Pok√©mon GO in terms of MBs of data is shown below.

Pokémon Go, how much data (MB) do you consume from the fee?

Pokémon GO touchdown for Android

¬ŅDo you think pokemon go? Is it what you expected? Do you think the proposal is interesting beyond the fun of capturing Pok√©mon in real life? Come on, everybody, move your ass from the seat to go kick the streets.