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Nurse Test, Take the Most Important Health Tests on your iPad

Nurse Test for iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone

One of the most important tools that health professionals have to diagnose future illnesses and behavior problems are health tests. When a physician suspects that there may be a problem, in addition to clinical analysis, they will use these tools to make a more accurate diagnosis. Carrying out these tests generates a large amount of information that should be attached to the patient's medical history and the more patients there are, the more reports will be generated and must be managed.

Aware of the importance of easily managing and accessing these tests, the developer Red Ebersalud, specialized in applications for use in medicine, makes the application available to medical professionals Nurse Test, developed for iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini and for iPhone with iOS 7 and with which they can manage the health tests carried out for each patient.

Manage the most important health tests of your patients with Nurse Test

The first time you start the application, you will be asked to register so that the developers can send you information about future updates to the app. Two buttons with basic options to manage the app will appear on the home screen: new patient to register a new patient in the application and a new test that gives you access to perform the more than 40 health tests.

At the bottom of the home screen, a menu bar will give you direct access to the four sections of the application:

  • Start: what will you present dThe buttons with basic options to manage the app.
  • Patterns: where you will find the tests organized by the type of diagnosis you will obtain.
  • Patients: from here you will manage both the contact information of your patients and the tests you have carried out on each one.
  • Archive: In this option you will see all the tests you have carried out organized by type of tests or by patients.

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<h2>The New Patient option</h2>
<p><strong>Register and manage patients</strong> from this screen. Ask you for the patient's personal data so you can contact them. You also have the possibility to take a <strong>photo with the camera of your device</strong>. Once the patient is created, access their data and tests from the Patients menu on the main start bar. You also have a search engine to speed up the patient selection process.</p>
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<h2>The Patterns option</h2>
<p>Choose the tests you want to take from this option. <strong>Organized in ten patterns</strong>, among which are "<em>Nutritional / Metabolic</em>","<em>Sleep Rest</em>","<em>Sexuality / Reproduction</em>", You will have more than 40 tests to assess the health of the patients. Each test will give a result that you can assess from the information that the same application gives you. Choose the pattern that determines the test you want to perform and <strong>the application will teach you all the tests associated with that pattern</strong>.</p>
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<p>When you start the test, at the top you will see the patient you are having and the general information about the test you have chosen. This information will show you the global rating scale with which you will have to compare the result. Filling out the questionnaire will be as simple as marking the answers. As you go marking <strong>the answers will light up green</strong>. At the bottom of the questionnaire <strong>always be visible the test result</strong> to change as you answer the questions that are asked. Click on the question to know the scale with which that result should be compared.</p>
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<h2>The Tests option</h2>
<p>Check all the tests you have done on your patients organized by the type of test or by patients. A quick way to compare results and access the data of your patients. For each test you perform you have the possibility to<strong>generate a report in PDF format</strong>that you can print and add to the paper medical history you have of the patient.</p>

<h3>What we liked the most</h3>
<li>The great <strong>number of health tests</strong> offered by the application.</li>
<li>The simple but powerful <strong>organization</strong> that gives us.</li>
<li>Simplicity of operation: quick access to all your options and great <strong>manageability</strong> of the data.</li>
<h3>What we liked least</h3>
<li>Although we are working with medical data specially protected by the LOPD, there is no way to prevent someone using the iPad or iPhone from accessing patient data (<strong>no security keys</strong>, no passwords …). The developers have confirmed to us that they are working on it and that this option will be available very soon.</li>
<li>User management is a bit loose. There is no possibility to put physical data of the patients (weight, height …) and we also did not find an area to add our own notes.</li>
<li>The colors used in the questionnaires (orange and green) will give color blind people problems because they do not differ well.</li>
<h2>Download Nurse Test</h2>