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New York is running out of iPhone 11 due to coronavirus

iPhone 11 and 11 Pro cover 2020

The apple production it has been affected as a consequence of the closure of factories in countries where there is a high risk of contagion of coronavirus. Although from the outset, the company has taken measures to protect its workers and has been optimistic about the possibility of controlling this virus, not everything has gone according to plan and in some cities they have begun to touch the red availability line. of certain devices.

According to a report by the New York Post, in New York City, a decrease in the offer of iPhone has begun to be noticed, especially among retailers who claim to have a low number of models of iPhone. iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

New York is running out of iPhone 11 due to coronavirus

Various sources say that the main cause of the low inventory of iPhone is due to the operators are storing the devices in warehouses instead of in retail stores. Which could mean an effort to control the supply chain in the event of any significant shortage of devices.

Likewise, the report ensures that many retail employees believe that the cause of the shortage is due to "Low stocks and infrequent shipments, with little guidance on when things could return to normal".

Until now, Apple and other major technology companies have had to alter their plans as a result of the virus that has spread in several countries. A few days ago, from Cupertino they limited the trips of their employees to risk passes, while the traditional events of companies such as Google, or the festival SXSW 2020 have had to be canceled.

With all this outlook in the tech industry, it is believed that the next blow for Apple will be the cancellation of its developer conference. WWDC 2020 and a possible delay in the production of the iPhone 12.