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New patent for a glass iMac, projectors and wireless charging

iMac crystal

At the beginning of this 2020 it became known of one of the most disturbing patents that Apple has shown. This revealed what a new glass iMac will be by reinventing its product. But now the company has decided to expand this idea and presents a possible crystallized computer, all in one, with projectors that allow expanding the screen for the user and with wireless charging.

Renewing the iMac

It all started in January 2020 when a new Apple patent excited the fans, as this one showed a prototype of a completely transparent iMac using material such as glass. This new terminal will unite the screen, keyboard and a couple of trackpads in one device, nothing will come separately, this new iMac will not be similar to what we currently know.

Although the question of having the keyboard and the pointer controls attached to the screen was left hanging, hindering the experience and ergonomics of the product, the concept made video allowed us to get an idea of ​​how incredible it would be to have a device like this on the desktop.

In the video it is seen a very elegant iMac, beautiful at first sight and above all revolutionary in design. A patent that many of us would like to see come true, but Apple did not stop with this issue, because a few hours ago it just expanded this idea with a new patent.


New patent that expands this idea

March 12, 2020, the US Patent Office. USA publishes a new patent application filed by Apple with number 20200081492 which Exposes a new desktop computer (iMac) that concentrates screen, keyboard, dual trackpad, projectors and wireless circuits.

The case made of transparent material such as glass or transparent polymer includes hardware that completely composes a computer and accessories in a single piece that allows normal work, but which It also has the possibility of transmitting images in real time through projectors., use external devices to support this process and make use of the wireless connection.

The back housing wall may have a portion of glass or other transparent structure through which projectors project images onto nearby surfaces and through which image sensors and other optical sensors receive light

iMac Cristal with projectors

The projectors will show the image using 3D sensors and using nearby surfaces such as walls or a table. These projectors could also be external devices that allow the computer to direct an image through its screen and this can be extended through these devices, or you can display an additional image to the one shown on the screen to be able to work with additional tools.

In summary, the iMac will have the ability to work with its own screen and expand it through integrated and external projectors make use of surfaces to show the image. The patent exemplifies:

If desired, accessory projectors that are linked to the iMac via wired or wireless connections can be used to project images to nearby surfaces. For example, accessory projectors # 70 can project image # 64 in direction # 72 and / or accessory projector # 74 can project image # 68 in direction # 76.

IMac projectors patent

The most interesting thing is the integration of the wireless connection, since we could witness the wireless charge and the next level of the AirDrop function.

The electronic device may include wireless circuits. Wireless circuits can be located in the housing or in the housing bracket and can be used to transmit or receive wireless power and / or wireless communication signals.

Does this patent also remain as a forgotten dream? The reality is that in design and function This new iMac will greatly revolutionize the line of current Apple computers. I even dare to say that it will be well received by the market and fantastic. However, with so much emotion we cannot ignore that technologies and materials like this suppose a high price which not everyone will be willing to pay.

These new features will greatly support designers and publishers, even students or offices. Have the possibility of view more content without the need for external monitors It would be a very significant advance for those who want to be more productive, but will the technical specifications and their use be aimed at a general public or will they be for expert professionals, as is the case with the Pro versions?

This patent should be considered as one more idea of ​​the apple company than may or may not be a realityBut that doesn't stop us from looking at these patents and imagining how great it would be to have something like that. The time define if it happens and the user himself decide his success.