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Monument Valley II now available on Google Play Store and Amazon

A good puzzle game was for manyMonument Valley,because it was sweeping the platform that landed thanks to its simple but colorful graphics and somewhat complex puzzles in a multidimensional world were one of the keys to success for this title, so a second launch was on the table and has been so after having firstly on the App Store,Monument Valley IIIt lands on the Google Play Store and on Amazon. Here is the description of the game:

Guide a mother and daughter on their journey through magical architectures where they will discover impossible paths and amazing puzzles as they unravel the secrets of Sacred Geometry.

Monument Valley 2, the sequel to the award-winning Monument Valley, invites us to experience a new adventure set in a world of impossible beauty.

Help Ro as he teaches his daughter the mysteries of the Valley, where they will explore amazing places, manipulating architecture at their whim to continue their journey.

The game is priced at$ 5.49 eurosin both stores at the moment, but it is not ruled out that in the future it will be on sale mainly in the Play Store.

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