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Map with all the Pokparads in Pokmon GO

Map with all the Pokparads in Pokmon GO

Pokémon GO It has already been launched on Google Play, and although it is officially ‘limited’ to certain regions of the world (Australia, New Zealand, USA and Japan), it is sweeping the planet in January. In fact, we have already shown you how we can Download the APK file on our Android to enjoy this ambitious GameFreak and Niantic project now, but what we bring you this time goes much further. How would you like to have access to a map with all the Pokémon game Pokémon?

In The Free Android, many of us are already training Pokémon and trying to get a gym in our respective cities. But for this you have to catch many Pokémon’s and, therefore, we need to get a good number of Pokeballs. And what better than a help to find them more easily.

The map of the Poképaradas in Pokémon Go

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<p>Do you want to search Poképaradas by your city? Well luckily, it just so happens that <strong>Poképaradas points match the points that were in Ingress</strong>, another game based on interaction with reality through the camera.</p>
<p><strong>Pokémon GO</strong> bet on a system<strong> free-to-play</strong>, And to start playing it is not necessary to go through the box. To get Pokéballs with which to capture Pokémons you only need to stop at the Poképaradas. With luck, you still have an egg or a revive if you are already level 5.</p>
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We tested Pokmon GO for Android, this was our first game

Pokmon GO for Android is now available to install from the Google Play Store and as an APK. What does it offer? We tried it and we will tell you.

How can I see all the PokéStops in my city?

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<p>On this official Ingress website you can see all the key points on the map, and it is precisely those points that coincide with the Poke stops in Pokémon GO. To use this map you only have to download and install the Ingress application first on your phone; then, you enter that link using the same Google account as the mobile one and load the map. If you do it right, you can go home with more than 30 pokéballs in one lap.</p>
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<p>Step by step, the process to access the map that hides the Pokémon Go PokéStops is as follows:</p>
<li>Download the free Ingress application on your Android / iOS mobile</li>
<li>Launch the Ingress app you just installed and log in with your Gmail account</li>
<li>Now, go to the page of and log in with the same email address that you used in the registration on mobile</li>
<li>Do you see all the points on the map? In large part they correspond to the locations that will allow you to get your pokéballs / eggs / revive / etc</li>
<h2>You can see the Pokeparadas, not the Gyms</h2>
<p>Gyms are already something else, certain points have been chosen and a gym has been set up there. So without leaving home we will not know where the gyms are throughout the city. But the Pokeparadas, at least, yes.</p>
<p>And you, are you also playing Pokémon GO? Are you as hooked as we are?</p>
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Why do we need more games like Pokmon Go

Do we need more games like Pokmon Go? After the launch of this game, we analyzed its key points to determine the future of mobile games.