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let your Android read them for you

ReadItForMe It is the application that will save you having to take your mobile when you are resting. Your Android will read your notifications and if you answer that.

On many occasions we have the mobile a bit far from us and it is at these times when we receive the most notifications. This is summarized in having to be holding the mobile to see if the notification is important or not. But … what if your mobile read the notification and you already take the mobile or not?

This is summarized in this application, ReadItToMe. It is an application that will be in charge of reading the messages and notifications in general that you receive on your Android. Using Google's voice, it will dictate what type of notification it is, from whom and the content of it (if you want it that way).

In addition, the application offers a fairly broad level of customization and despite being paid, it gives you 14 days of trial for which values ​​to buy or not. Without a doubt, it will be very helpful if you usually have your phone away or next to the computer and you don't want to be holding it all the time. You can combine this with this application that synchronizes notifications between computer and mobile.

Profiles and settings for each app

In this type of applications, the important configuration since not all users search for it. So allowing users to adapt the application to their use is essential. This is what happens with the profiles you can create. By default there are three that you can use: Always On, headphones and a quick access in the settings.

But you can configure more, such as activating when connecting to certain WiFi network, such as the one in your house, or connected to a concrete bluetooth device, like wireless headphones. Very useful if you go out for a run and do not want to be looking at the notifications in case it is an important one that you expect.

On the other hand, the configuration also reaches the applications and it is that you can choose notifications based on which apps you want to be read. In addition, you can configure how it reads the notifications of each application. You can choose if you want me to say what kind of notification is he content of it (for example who sent it and what they told you) or use a mode that lets you know who sent it but not the content.

All this goes for some icons that go under each application and you can mark, the tutorial explains it perfectly.

Voice and adaptation of words

In the application you can configure the voice that will dictate the messages and also allows us to establish certain ‘translations’ for some words. In messages we usually get somewhat strange words that Google dictation can have a hard time saying. But we can mark certain words and put a translation more in line with Spanish. Within the section Spech & Voice & Translate.

In the Translate part, you write the word in the first part and then, in the other part, what it actually means. Click on "SAVE" and you're done. Below we can change the language in which we want to dictate the messages. In our case, then Castilian.

Battery usage: Nothing alarming

I have been testing it for a few hours before finishing this section because I was concerned about the issue of energy consumption. But I have to say that what has used up the battery is expected, no more no less. It will also depend on the frequency of the notifications, but since we can activate or deactivate it when necessary, the impact on the battery will be justified and will not drain your battery too much.

The application has two versions, one paid and one free. In the free you can read aloud messages and calls while in the paid version, for € 2.57 you can also read notifications from other apps and also voice reply to notifications, something that we have not hit with the key of how it is done, to be honest.

When installing it, there is a 14-day trial in the full version so that you can determine whether or not it is worth releasing money.