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Learn how to use Skype and all its functions correctly

Learn how to use Skype and all its functions correctly

In this period of worldwide quarantine, you should not only avoid leaving your home, but also have physical contact with other people. However, you still have the option of communicating with your friends and family through texts, voice and even HD videos, thanks to platforms such as Skype. But do you know how to use Skype correctly? Find out in this guide how to download, run and use Skype and all the excellent features it has to offer.

creat your account

use skype

The first step to use Skype is to download it and configure your account on this platform.

Step 1: Open your browser of choice and head to the Skype home page. Click the big blue button "Get Skype”And the corresponding page of the Microsoft store will open. Or you can also open the Microsoft store by clicking on the cone in the taskbar or searching for "Microsoft store”In the search box. When you're there, look for "Skype”And click on the corresponding application page.

Step 2: click the blue button “Get”To download and install Skype for Windows 10. The Microsoft store may ask you if you want to use it on multiple devices, and if so, you must log in with your Microsoft account. If you prefer to have an exclusive Skype account, simply choose the option “no thanks"


Step 3: Skype should now be installed on your system. To start it, use the search box on the Windows taskbar and search for “Skype" When it appears in the search box, click the corresponding icon.

Step 4: If you already have a Skype account, you can log in with your Skype name, email or phone number and skip to the next section. To create a new account, click on the text “Create a new account"

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Step 5: You can sign up for a Skype account with an email address or phone number. Once you have done so, enter the relevant information and click "Next"


Step 6: The following screens will ask you to enter personal information such as age, name and location. Enter all of that and continue clicking. When asked for a verification code, verify your email or phone number and enter the code.

Step 7: If you are asked for a CAPTCHA code, enter that and click "Create Account" Now you have a Skype account that works. As simple as that!

Find friends and family

Although before you needed the detailed data of your friends to add them to your Skype contacts, nowadays it is much easier. Do you want to learn how to do it?

Step 1: When you first sign in to your account, Skype will ask you if you want to import your existing contacts into your Microsoft account so you don't have to add them manually.

Step 2: If you want to find someone else who is not on your list, select the box “Search Skype”In the upper left corner and search for your real name, Skype name or email address.


Step 3: If your friend has a fairly common name and you are concerned that it may be difficult to find, we have the solution for you. You can use profile pictures to find the person or you can also click on them to display their name and personal information at the top of the window.

After this, you can start chatting. It is important to know that anyone you talk to will automatically be added to your contact list.

Text chats

Step 1: Select the person you want to talk to, either from the recent conversations list on the left or from your contact list at the top of the window. This will open a conversation on the right side of the application window.