IPhone hotspot solution coming soon

IPhone hotspot solution coming soon

There are indications that a solution may come soon; Apple has recognized a bug with the Personal Access Point feature on the iPhone.

The function

Personal Hotspot allows users to turn their iPhones into a Wi-Fi access point and use it to connect other devices to the Internet.

It is an important feature that is perhaps even more crucial in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, when many people work from home and do not have access to their corporate Internet connection.

For some users

Documented in this support thread, the connection point disconnects other devices or is not fully displayed (I am experiencing a similar problem on my iPhone 11 Pro Max, albeit rarely.)

Apple has told its authorized service providers to expect customers with this problem or a general data performance problem. The company suggested a workaround to enable and disable the Personal Hotspot feature (Sometimes it works for me right away, and sometimes I need to turn it on and off 10 or so times for it to work).

No official information

About a solution, but Apple is slated to release a major new version of its mobile operating system, iOS 13.4, on March 24. it's possible (but it is not a sure thing) that this version contains a remedy for this error.

IOS 13.4

Bring a redesigned email app, new Memoji and Animoji stickers, and iCloud Folder Sharing, among other minor updates.