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iPhone 5 will arrive in March with a 4-inch screen and up to 64 GB

2016 is just beginning and we already have in sight the launch of the new versions of the flagships of the main mobile phone manufacturers: Samsung Y LGFor example, they have selected the Mobile World Congress, MWC 2016, as a stage to show the world to your new Samsung Galaxy S7 Y LG G5. And now everything indicates that Apple, which does not participate in the world's largest mobile event, does not want to miss the first quarter of the year to expand its mobile catalog, so will present the new iPhone 5se in March.

If the forecasts that are gaining strength in the Network are fulfilled, in little more than a month we would be meeting a new terminal of the firm of the bitten apple, the iPhone 5 will arrive with a 4 inch screen and it will become one iPhone 5c update also known as the cheap iPhone that Apple released in 2013. Thus, the new iPhone 5 would include a faster processor than its predecessor, it would be compatible with the mobile payment system Apple Pay, it will incorporate new camera features and curved glass edges.

And it is that in regards to iPhone 5se processor, although in principle it is presumed that Apple would be handling the possibility of including the A8 and M8 generation chips in its new mobile terminal, recent reports indicate that the Cupertino company has finally opted for include the A9 processor and M9 coprocessor in the new iPhone 5se. Is it a lot of processor for an input range? At first glance it might seem so, but considering that the iPhone 7 will include a much faster new processor, the name of which is speculated to be A10, the incorporation of the A9 processor in the new iPhone 5 would allow the terminal not to be left far behind when the new flagship is launched.

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How to be the new iPhone lowcost?

In addition to the aforementioned, the fact that the iPhone 5 integrates the A9 and M9 chips is another great advantage: always keeping Siri, Apple's virtual assistant, activated. This feature will allow users of the new iPhone 5 to say "Hey Siri" and run the wizard without the need to press physical buttons.

Another novelty of the iPhone 5se, compared to the previous generation of Apple's low-cost iPhone, would be the capacity of the terminal: the new mobile would have a greater capacity than its predecessor, so although both models have 16 GB versions, The new iPhone 5 will not come in a 32GB version but a 64GB version.

When will the new iPhone 5se be presented? Apple is slated to plan to launch the new device for the week of March 14, either at an event or through an online announcement. If this were fulfilled, we would be practically in front of another iPhone 6s but with a different size, and the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus would cease to be sold, leaving the catalog of mobile phones of the Cupertino integrated by three models: the iPhone 6s, the iPhone 6S Plus and the iPhone 5se.

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