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Intel educational tablets could double sales in 2015 according to predictions


Intel educational tablets could double sales in 2015 according to predictions

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October 27, 2014

Intel has made a strong commitment to devices focused on education, starting with projects like the PC Classmate and lately, with some tablet models that help students in different aspects. As expected, the latter have been experiencing the greatest growth lately, and they hope that before the end of 2014 they will cross the million-unit mark. According to Digitimes, next year 2015 will be the year of final takeoff where they could again increase the figure by up to 100%.

It cannot be said that the company has not tried. And they carry since 2007 Looking for a formula that truly works in one area, let's admit it, as complicated as that of education. Complicated because the functions and characteristics of the device must be radically opposed according to the level that is directed, because each student is a world and giving them something valid for all profiles (more or less understood, careful, skillful) is an arduous task.

In search of a solution

The first attempt came with Classmate PC, mainly focused on emerging markets. It took several years, in 2012, but they came back, this time with tablets StudyBook, which did not give the expected results but served to develop the education tablets launched in 2013 with which this time, they do seem to have hit the right key. And the data supports this idea, since in 2014 they will break the hitherto impassable barrier of the million units, which represents 35% of all educational devices.

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<h2>Forecasts predict great growth</h2>
<p>As if it were not enough good news, the forecasts collected by analysts show an even more hopeful future for these devices. And is that the upward trend will remain at <strong>2015</strong>, reinforced by the replacements of the old PC Classmate. According to accounts, tablets for education could grow up to<strong> 100% year-on-year</strong> and they would go on to represent 60% of the total number of devices, or what is the same, would double their presence.</p><div class='code-block code-block-7' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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Latin America, main supporter

The Intel tablets shipped in 2014 are mostly 10 inches in size and the main countries involved are Mexico and Venezuela. Already the 80% of the Classmate PCs were concentrated in South American territory. Intel contributes its grain of sand with affordable technology that can help improve and adapt educational systems to new times, something that not all countries, even with more resources, are knowing how to do.

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