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In Spain they will track the GPS of your mobile so you stay at home

Spanish government could monitor your gps to monitor if you are complying with the quarantine

What started out as a problem unique to China, it didn't take long for it to reach the rest of the world, including Europe and especially Spain and Italy. Although to some it still seems like another flu, COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on the health systems of several countries, including Spain.

So until there is no vaccine, the only real measure of protection is voluntary isolation and quarantine for the infected. Unfortunately, there are those who still believe that they can get away with it and for this reason they put the rest of the citizens at risk.

It is no longer enough for several companies to make their entertainment or education services available to keep people comfortable at home, now, for those who break the quarantine the Spanish operators plan to wage war against them with the government.

Operators in Spain make their technology available to combat the spread of the virus

the operators can notify the Spanish government if you have been home or not

That's right, telecommunications companies in Spain have offered the government the massive volume of information they handle (Big Data), along with their artificial intelligence algorithms to determine what is the behavior and displacement of citizens; mainly in the most affected areas.

It is still not official but the project is already underway and in a short time it could be a reality. It sounds very unreal but in extreme circumstances it is sometimes necessary to make decisions that under other conditions would sound like pure science fiction in very bad taste. In fact, this has already happened in China.

Should you be concerned about the handling of your personal information?

No. It is true that Telefnica, along with other operators such as Vodafone and Orange, are willing to provide their users' data, but this will be anonymously, focusing only on the global behavior of the population.

In fact, This will not be the first time that telecommunications companies implement these monitoring plans. in conjunction with governments. It has already happened in Africa and closer, in Italy, Austria and Germany.

What do you think of this initiative?

quarantine control operators spain monitor gps fines

Would you like the government to know where you are going? Probably not. In fact, sounds very wrong and quite overbearingBut it could serve to force people to stay home so as not to jeopardize the health of everyone else.

For this reason and for the fact that, as we have already mentioned, your identity really remains secretWe believe that this could be an excellent use of technology to win the battle against the coronavirus.