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HTC launch a high-end tablet in 2015


HTC launch a high-end tablet in 2015

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November 5, 2014

The story of the return of HTC to the tablet market has been as strange as that of the tablet itself Nexus 9 that they finally made together with Google, and we have been hearing for years about projects in this direction that never end. It seems, however, that this time is the definitive one and it has already been confirmed that at last in 2015 will launch the first tablet with the brand HTC in 3 years.

After they appeared in late 2012 some unusual prototypes of tablets on which the Taiwanese were supposedly working, at the end of that same year it arrived the official announcement that there would be no HTC tablets in the near future. Despite this, throughout the past year rumors about new models they continued to circulate sporadically until finally, two years later and after a successful collaboration with Google, in the company they seem determined to return to the fight.

No compact tablets or low-cost tablets

Already in the days prior to the presentation of the Nexus 9, a high position of HTC spoke that the company would return to the tablet market and it seems that today another high office begins to give us some more specific details, although not too many: the first, that the new device will be launched already in 2015; the second, which will be a high-end, since they do not consider that the low-cost tablet market is profitable; the third, which will not be a 7-inch tablet, to those who think that the phablets are eating ground.

Nexus 9 htc

The Nexus 9 tests the potential of HTC

To begin to get an idea of ​​the technical specifications that we can expect from it, therefore, we will have to wait to see what data is leaking in the coming months, although it seems quite safe to bet on something at the level of the tablet that has been launched beside Google, which is quite high and from which we hope to show you a detailed own analysis in the coming days.