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how to sync Outlook calendar with iPhone

Although they may still be fierce rivals, Apple and Microsoft are becoming more accommodating with each other's products these days. That means that if you use both, we can show you how to sync Outlook calendar with iPhone, so you can better manage your calendar.

Two iPhone to learn how to sync Outlook calendar with iPhoneJulian Chokkattu / Digital Trends

You can sync the two in a few quick steps, however that doesn't mean the process is completely problem-free. First you have to make sure you have what is necessary, since it depends on the computer you use and the configuration you have chosen. If you are not sure what to do, the following guide will help you get it up and running.

Step 1: Download Microsoft Outlook for iPhone

Outlook for iPhone

Make sure you already have Outlook through your Microsoft subscription and know which Microsoft account you are connected to. Then use your iPhone to download Outlook for iOS. This is a free download that allows you to use Outlook functions directly on your iPhone. This will make syncing your Outlook calendar on your iPhone a breeze, but downloading is essential, so start here!

IPad Note– If you have an iPad, please note that updates for Outlook on iOS have provided support for iPad Split View. This is particularly useful for the Outlook calendar as you can view an email and open your calendar to make adjustments on the same screen, a feature we highly recommend.

Step 2: log in and enable automatic sync

Outlook for iPhone

When the Outlook app is downloaded to your iPhone, go to IPhone settings, then choose Passwords and accounts. Select Add account and you will see a series of compatible accounts for your iPhone. Look for the option and logo (This is usually one of the first options).

Now, enter your Microsoft account information to connect Outlook on iOS. It should ask you if you want to sync your calendars, in which case you should say yes. Otherwise, you can access the Outlook app in Configuration at any time and make sure that calendar sync is enabled.

If you are logged in with the same Outlook account, any changes you make to your calendars will sync to all of your devices. That means that if you add a new event or appointment on your computer, for example, a few seconds later it will appear on your iPhone. There is no need to resynchronize every time you create a new Outlook calendar event or change the time of an appointment.

Step 3: import iCloud calendar information if necessary

iCloud for Windows

It used to be difficult to sync iCloud information with apps like Outlook, but Apple has improved iCloud and made everything a little easier. If you have calendar information stored in iCloud from the previous calendar that you want to import into Outlook calendarIt is now a relatively simple process.

Sign in to iCloud. You can use iCloud for Windows to do this directly from a Windows computer, which is easier than trying to do it from an iPhone. Then, login in your account and make sure that only the box with Mail, Contacts, Calendars and Tasks. Select Apply to continue

Now you have the option to sync all your calendar, contact and task information, or just part of it. Choose which option is best for you. If you're only interested in syncing calendar events, make sure to choose the option that allows you to choose. This information will be transferred directly to the Outlook Calendar, and from there it will be synchronized with Outlook on iOS. Now you don't have to worry about conflicts between two calendars!

Step 4: choose whether to sync all calendars on macOS

Outlook calendar screen

Unfortunately, there is no equivalent way to choose which calendars to sync from Outlook on a Mac to your iPhone. You can only do this with calendars stored locally on your Mac; Since Outlook syncs your data with the cloud, you can't choose what to sync this way.

However, you can hide Outlook calendars. To do this, open Outlook on your iPhone, then tap the calendar icon in the lower right corner. We are almost done! Now, tap your account icon in the top left-hand corner; from here, uncheck the calendars that you want to hide.

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