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How to get through this quarantine without dying of boredom

How to get through this quarantine without dying of boredom and even take advantage of it

At this point, after 48 hours of confinement and not exactly for San Fermín !! We are still locked up at home, indefinitely due to alertness caused by quarantine by Coronavirus. For this reason we are writing in Androidsis a series of posts in which we recommend different ways to pass this quarantine in a way that is as fun and entertaining as possible, or rather given the circumstances, a series of posts to pass this quarantine without dying of boredom and even taking advantage of it to get some benefit.

In this post as an index, I will collect all those articles that my colleagues and I are writing so that have the best time possible in this quarantine and you have the necessary tools to be communicated, entertained or even taking advantage to learn what in your normal life, the one you had before this mess happened, did not give you time to do it.

Free TV watching apps

Free TV watching apps

If you are a member of a large family, you will know that one of the most precious assets of the family unit is the possession of the television remote control.

In these moments of forced quarantine, I am sure that one of the main focuses of discussion is precisely related to this apparatus that has been presiding over the dining rooms of our houses for decades; and that taking control of it to decide what to see on TV, is very, very important if you don't want to swallow the “Salvame” or similar gossip programs that only make us scrap the souls of our fellow humans without any kind of sense.

Well, with this incredible post written by my colleague DaniPlay you can go from conflicts and see what you want directly from your mobile and completely free of charge.

Click here to access the post where you will find the best applications to watch free TV

The best educational apps for children to quarantine learning

Educational applications

One of the causes of the forced closure by quarantine of this Coronavirus has been the closure of schools, and it is for this very reason that my friend and colleague Rafael Rodriguez Ballesteros has written this post in which he has attempted collect some of the best educational apps that they will be of great help to us during this quarantine caused by the blessed Coronavirus or more scientifically known by COVID-19-

Access the post about Educational Apps by clicking here

Applications to stay in shape without leaving home while the Coronavirus quarantine lasts

Apps to get fit without leaving home

Unlike the quarantine suffered in other countries such as Italy, where people were allowed to go out alone to do sports. In Spain, one of the restrictions we suffer due to this quarantine, which in principle will last 15 days but is almost certain to last at least another 15 days, is the prohibition of going out on the street, except always going out alone to walk the pet, go to the pharmacy to buy basic necessities, go to take care of a dependent person or go to work.