How to download PowerPoint for free on your iPhone or iPad

PowerPoint is one of the most popular applications for preparing slide shows that serve you well, to organize any topic in a more schematic way, or to present these slides to a group of people.

Although it is more common to use PowerPoint on a computer, if you are traveling or need to make a quick change, you may also need to use the app from your iPhone or iPad.

Something very positive about the Microsoft app for iOS is that when you open the same document from any other device, this being the same, that is, it is synchronized so that you can continue working on the same document without any problem.

Most important of all, PowerPoint, as well as Microsoft Word or Excel, is completely free for iOS devices with screens less than 10.1 inches.

How to install Microsoft PowerPoint for free on my iPhone

To install PowerPoint for free on your iPhone, all you have to do is access the AppStore, search for the application and tap on the Download option. It's that easy. In no time you will be enjoying the Microsoft tool on your iOS device.

Of course, we remind you that, for the app to be free, you will have to install it on an iOS device of less than 10.1 inches and the app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Also, you will need to be using iOS 7.1 or later.

PowerPoint is available in a wide variety of different languages, including Spanish or English (among many others).

What functions can I perform with PowerPoint for iPhone?

As we explained, PowerPoint is free for iOS devices with screens smaller than 10.1 inches. It is not a trial version, that is, you can carry out editing and viewing tasks as you would in the paid app.

Obviously, having to use a smaller screen is a bit of a drag on your work, but it can be a simple way to connect your presentation to a projector or computer or do some quick editing.

You will be able to synchronize the application with OneDrive, which will allow you to access the document synchronously from any of your devices.

The PowerPoint for mobile app also allows you to use any default template or start a presentation from scratch so you can customize your slides as you wish.

Remember that if you want to enjoy the app on the big screen of your Mac, you can always download the paid program. You may buy microsoft PowerPoint for different prices, depending on your requirements.

The cheapest payment package starts at $ 59.99 a year. For that price you also receive other Microsoft Suite 365 packages, such as Word, Excel or Publisher.

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