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How much would an iPhone have cost in 1991? More than we think!

iPhone 11

One of the most frequent disadvantages pointed out by technology users with respect to the devices created by Apple is their high price, compared to other offers on the market. However, since the launch of the iPhone 11, many applauded the entry price, for being one according to the development behind the device, but also more similar to the offer of the competitors.

Thus, the iPhone as the flagship of the company, has always been analyzed seeking to justify its value and although it is a test already passed, a new study proposes an inverse exercise. According to an investigation by the American firm American Compass, make an iPhone 11 almost thirty years ago it would have been worth $ 45 million.

The value published by takes into account the prices of a similar study carried out in 2018 with the iPhone XS and the price that it would have cost to manufacture it in 1991. This type of analysis usually takes into account three basic components of smartphones, such as the data storage, computational speed and the bandwidth of the communications.

Therefore and according to the calculation made for iPhone XS, the value of a memory of 256 GB of storage in 11.5 million dollars, while the chip A12 It would have cost $ 7 million in 1991. The rest of the amount was attributed to bandwidth. However, according to the article's statement, the iPhone 11 is a powerful machine capable of doubling the cost of its predecessor, if it had been made in the nineties.