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Home office: how to scan documents in PDF thanks to the phone camera

Home office: how to scan documents in PDF thanks to the phone camera

In the absence of a multifunction copier, Adobe Scan is a very good app that allows you to scan documents and create PDF files

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covid-19 in Argentina


 radically changed the way of performing daily tasks, both at work and in the way of studying at all levels. Without a multifunction copier on hand, the


 It has become an ally at the moment and in these cases, a scanning application is ideal to advance with the procedures and document management online such as Adobe Scan.

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Adobe Scan allows you to scan documents and transform them into PDF format, and you only need to register with an Adobe account. The scanning process is very simple, based on the phone camera, and automatically identifies the document margins. In turn, it allows manual adjustments of the scan after the scanning process.

The application also offers different types of capture, in a black and white mode or with the original document color. Also, Adobe Scan has OCR, a very useful function to recognize text automatically. You can also scan and capture personal business card data.

In the case of forms, Adobe Scan offers the Fill and Sign mode, which saves steps and avoids printing and completing a document by hand, in a process that is done digitally.