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Google Translate already allows transcribing and translating instantly

Google service can now translate and transcribe immediately in eight languages



 added in your Translator tool to


 a new function that allows you to instantly transcribe dictation in one language and translate it into another.

The company has announced that this new feature will be launched in the coming days and that it can be used with up to eight languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, German and Hindi.

In order to use it, users must have the Translator application for Android and have the latest updates, as indicated

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When entering the application, the user must select the option


, which will appear on the home screen, and then select the source and destination language from a menu at the top.

In addition, users can pause or restart transcription by pressing the microphone icon, as well as resize text, view original text, or choose a dark theme in the settings menu.

The company has indicated so far that transcription works best in low-noise environments with only one person speaking.

"We will continue to work to make voice translations available in different contexts of use," the company added on its blog.