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Google Duo reconsiders and removes its main limitation

Talk about calls and video calls Android instantly evokes those messaging applications that, despite not specializing in voice and video communication, do make use of this function. WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger… What about those that exclusively opt for calls and video calls, as is the case with Google Duo? They can scratch little before the generalists.

Than Google Duo It is not the success that the company expected is a fact: despite the fact that the application is very good and usually comes pre-installed on a large number of Android devices, Duo does not finish taking off in the number of users who use it. The main reason is the one we have stated before, it has very powerful competition. And another could be the limitation to a single mobile, something that Google has just removed.

Now you can register Google Duo on all your devices and without the need for a SIM card

Google Duo worked so far in a way quite similar to WhatsApp: could only register on one device and by means of a telephone number (the mobile or the tablet needed a SIM). This subtracted great functionality from the application since its users were forced to use their account only on one device, something absurd if we think that the purpose of communication is to facilitate it (it is also for you, WhatsApp).

Google is activating the functionality multi-device to all users. This implies that when adding a new phone or tablet the account of the first one registered by Google Duo is not deleted; thus working on the two devices and expanding in number as more are registered. And when it comes to ringing when a call or video call comes in? All registrants will sound and the user will choose which one to answer from.

We are talking about tablets because Google Duo also expands to these devices, even if they do not have SIM card compatibility. Google Duo can be registered with the Google account as long as there is already a phone number associated with it. This opens the door not only to tablets, but also to connected screens with integrated Google Assistant.

As we said, the multi-device functionality of Google Duo is progressively reaching all accounts. If you do not use the application precisely because you had it limited to a single mobile, you can now put it on all your Android devices.