Final Fantasy VII for Android

Final Fantasy VII for Android now available

Few games have had such a brutal impact that this is probably one of the most memorable of its generation alongside Metal Gear Solid and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. In 1997 Square released the seventh installment of his most mythical saga and broke molds. Almost 20 years later, Final Fantasy VII for Android is now available.

Originally released on PlayStation – and with a remake in progress – Final Fantasy VII is one of the games most fondly remembered. There were many hours the hours we spent accompanying Cloud Strife, Tifa, Garrett or Red XIII in their attempt to save the world from Sefirot's plans, touring the streets of Midgard and facing the Turks, all accompanied by the magnificent soundtrack composed by Nobuo Uematsu. A game to enjoy and cry (if you've played it, you know what I'm talking about).

SquareEnix had already released the previous games in the Final Fantasy series for Android, but the icing on the cake was missing, the seventh installment that, along with its predecessor, marked the high point of a series which then began to decline until it had fallen into an auger in the last installments.

Final Fantasy VII for Android: A long wait … and we find bugs

Final Fantasy VII for Android

The bad part is that Android users have had to wait a year since the game was released on iOS, and also, in the description of the app we find a somewhat surprising notice:

‘The application has an incidence that affects the use of vehicles according to the terrain and the time they are used. In case they do not move when uploading or downloading them, we recommend restarting the application and loading the last saved data before the problem occurred. We also recommend saving the progress periodically and in different save files, since by the issue has now been fully resolved. The error occurs most often when getting on or off a vehicle too close to certain terrain elements or if there is any time-regulated activity in progress.

Progress is not automatically saved when fleeing a battle on the world map even if the automatic save option is enabled.

It is a bug that could be ignored in a beta, but not in a final version for which the user will pay € 15.99 for Final Fantasy VII for Android. Also, although the game will take up 2GB on your mobile or tablet, you will need to have up to 4GB free to install it.