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Facebook and Instagram reduce quality due to coronavirus

The confinement has made us surf the Internet more, to the point of collapsing the line. So, Facebook and Instagram, join the measures taken by other platforms.

Many operators have reported problems, as well as operators that have left thousands of customers offline. But not everything was going to be bad, there are plenty of offers, promotions of extra gigabytes for quarantine, free content on Movistar + Lite, Rakuten, etc.

Games temporarily free of coronavirus

The latter is not suitable for it to reach platforms like Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Movistar +, etc. Because if so, people will lose what little entertainment they have being at home in quarantine for the coronavirus.

This is why the previously announced platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and also YouTube, have announced a drop in the quality of its content temporarily.

Simply so as not to collapse the line, and still be able to continue serving without fear of falling. It is true that Instagram and Facebook, as well as WhatsApp, are very prone to falling, but better to prevent than to interrupt the service for hours, thus annoying billions of users who see their daily entertainment on these platforms.

Both on Facebook and Instagram, what will be affected is the video streaming. This affects Europe, since it is intended to decongest the network a little.

This average, like that of the other platforms, last an average of 30 daysBut it is not ruled out that it will be extended until the quarantine in Europe due to the coronavirus is ended.

The common goal of these measures is not to stock out users and also not allow network overload. Otherwise, there would be numerous services that would fall due to the excess traffic that exists on the Internet these days due to the quarantine by the coronavirus.

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