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Elon Musk says an iOS bug broke his email system

Elon Musk from Tesla

The debut of iOS 13 in September of last year it was criticized due to the presence of errors that ended up affecting several users, including the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk. Thus, the businessman confirmed it during the Satellite 2020 conference recently held in the city of Washington.

During his speech at the conference, Musk, who is currently planning a mission to Mars, was questioned regarding his perception of the decrease in the quality of the technology, to which he replied, giving as an example a situation in which an error in iOS broke your email system.

Elon Musk complains about an iOS update

With his answer, Musk wanted to exemplify how the technology does not automatically improve every year, even if it is the most anticipated mobile phone of the year.

I'm an iPhone user, but I think some of the recent software updates haven't been great, they certainly feed that point. It's like, it broke my email system… which is pretty fundamental.

During his speech, Musk added to his comments what he considers one of the keys in the prevention of technological regressions of the industry

We certainly need a lot more smart people to work on software.

Since its introduction, iOS 13 was criticized for presenting errors and performance problems. The email application was one of the most disastrous, and one that Apple has focused on improving in a series of timely updates for this version of the iPhone software. Even, several reports affirm that the company is changing the development processes to avoid that the launch of iOS 14 suffers the same stability problems as iOS 13.

Apparently not one of the most powerful men in the world is saved from development bugs Of which so many users complained since the release of iOS 13 and go looking for a great opportunity to say it …