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Digital resources to accompany and care for children in the use of technology during quarantine

Mobile devices have various services that allow managing the time of use of apps and games

Quarantine and suspension of classes in the


 by the epidemic of


 Covid-19 affects the quality of life of children and adults, and this is directly reflected in the use and abuse of technology.




video game


 and apps can be a way to pass the time, but how to manage the quantity and quality of time in front of the screen? These apps allow you to manage, diversify and even block by app time and style on our devices.


The problem may turn out to be space, since many tablets used by children are not of the latest generation nor do they have large storage spaces. This app, for example, weighs 36 MB and has to be installed both on the parents 'or guardians' smartphone and on the child's tablet, PC or cell phone. Once installed on both computers, they will have to be configured by providing permissions and putting username and password, both on the smartphone of the father and the child's.

You can set a daily limit, restrictions on specific hours, and even select the determined time for each app such as YouTube, Skype or games in the premium version.

Available for Android

, has a premium service that allows you to follow the activity of up to 5 children for $ 56 a year.

Parental Control Screen time

This application works similarly to Qustodio but

exclusively for Android

 and for free. In this case, this app will allow direct control of children's activity on computers, as well as notifications and permissions in facilities, or changes in websites, games and apps used.

Among the advantages of this app is that it allows children to be assigned tasks to gain more screen time, and it has filters by app style, time and days. Access can also be locked remotely to cut usage times instantly.

The official Google app allows effective management of the time children and adolescents spend in front of the screens. In this case, the system works with our Google account that can be extended, without data or access, also to the tablet or cell phone of the smallest. With this unique account the tablet does not need an additional profile, since the direct access is found in the Gmail application, under a subaccount for minors.

You can block, manage apps, facilities, hours of use, hours of permission and even a set of recommended apps to improve digital education. Google Family Link also works hand in hand with Google Maps to have real-time location if you need it.

Also if necessary, it can be installed regularly on another computer that already has an account to function similarly to Qustodio. Google Family Link is

available free for Android devices


Apple Screen Time for families

Apple offers Screen Time for families, an integrated tool for mobile devices with iOS, which aims to help iPhone and iPad customers manage the time they spend on their devices. Limits can be added as you use certain applications, and parents can also use Screen Time to restrict how their children use their iPhones.

Kids place

There are many cases where children do not have their own equipment. Also, it is fixed that, if they have them, they do not always have the battery charge and the parents end up lending their own smartphone. For that, Kids place forms a kind of shield inside the phone with limited access under password to which apps you use and for how long.

Although many brands of cell phones have their own children mode, such as Samsung, this app allows you to select which specific apps we want children to see in their own menu as well as which web pages they can enter. Also this app allows you to set time limits

in its premium version

, but its cost is an exaggerated $ 500 a year.


Flipd is not so much for the little ones but also for teenagers or adults who need to focus on study or work. With the idea of ​​improving the quality of life and digital use, Flipd allows you to keep track of app usage by time, similar to that included in the Android system, but adding the possibility of blocking apps by time without being able to go back in the decision. A teenager uses Instagram a lot instead of concentrating on studying? This app allows you to close the functions of the smartphone for a certain time without being able to open the apps until you finish studying or complete the day's work.

Flipd is free and can be organized by study sessions, work, time or the aforementioned "Full Lock" that does not allow using the phone for the time that we have stipulated without turning back (with exceptions such as calls, Uber, Spotify and some that another one). Available

for Android devices



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