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Digital resources to accompany and care for children in the use of technology during quarantine

Mobile devices have various services that allow managing the time of use of apps and games

Quarantine and suspension of classes in the


 by the epidemic of


 Covid-19 affects the quality of life of children and adults, and this is directly reflected in the use and abuse of technology.




video game


 and apps can be a way to pass the time, but how to manage the quantity and quality of time in front of the screen? These apps allow you to manage, diversify and even block by app time and style on our devices.


The problem may turn out to be space, since many tablets used by children are not of the latest generation nor do they have large storage spaces. This app, for example, weighs 36 MB and has to be installed both on the parents 'or guardians' smartphone and on the child's tablet, PC or cell phone. Once installed on both computers, they will have to be configured by providing permissions and putting username and password, both on the smartphone of the father and the child's.