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Did you know that your mobile can help you lose weight thanks to your breath?

Technological advances in fitness tracking have been on the rise since the appearance of mechanical pedometers, and today, wearables such as smartwatches, smart bracelets and other devices allow you to track sleep, exercise, fat burning, distances traveled, calories spent , eating habits among other functions just by wearing it on the wrist, or somewhere on the body. But now a company is looking to revolutionize the way you record weight loss goals with a device called LevlAnalyzing your breath can help you in making daily decisions regarding diet and exercise routines by providing the necessary information.

To achieve his goal, the creator of the device, Brad Root, brought together several entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers and fitness experts, forming a multidisciplinary team with which he worked, he says, for five years in developing Levl under the company, Medamonitor, a division of GM based in Seattle.

In this regard, Liz Josefsberg, expert in wellness and health at Levl, stated that the device is designed to detect small amounts of acetone in the breath, a by-product of human metabolism:

"When the body is burning fat for energy, it is in a state called ketosis. During ketosis, the body generates molecules called ketones, one of which is acetone. Due to its small size, acetone appears in exhaled breath as an indicator of fat burning. "

Simply put, the body uses acetone molecules for energy when glucose reserves are low. By adjusting your diet and activity, you can train your body to focus on burning fat. The company notes that "half a century of science research demonstrated breath" entered the Levl device.

In this sense -describes DigitalTrend- the nanosensors that this device has provide instantaneous information on the concentration of acetone in your body, which will allow you to select the best methodological options in real time about the food to consume and what exercise routine to carry out .

For it, it is only necessary to synchronize Levl to a smartphone using an application that will allow you to see the results and thus make adjustments to your health plansThey even indicate that you can follow the progress of your weight loss without even going up on the scale, in addition to obtaining an information base regarding your state of health that you normally get when visiting a doctor. New gadget is released, or at least its official presentation is made to know for sure what benefits Levl can offer us with just our encouragement.

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