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Apple workers with symptoms will have a special permit

Apple Store 5th Avenue

After giving their corporate employees permission to work from home, Apple is now dictating what guidelines their store employees should follow if they believe they have symptoms of coronavirus.

Employees will not have to present any kind of medical proof in case of suspicion of the virus, as reported by 9to5mac. In this way, Apple employees who consider that they may be infected will have the time they need without having to go to work. This has been the directive issued in the United States, where at the moment no store has been closed, but where it has already Today at Apple sessions have begun to be closed in the areas of Seattle and San Francisco, the two areas with the most confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the United States.

remodeling Apple Store

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Among other methods to improve the working conditions of its employees and its public in the Apple Store the number of available seats has been reduced in its Genius Bar and learning areas to maintain a greater physical distance between its assistants.

During this past weekend Apple has been sending its corporate employees around the globe written with guidelines on the matter and the suggestion to work from home during this week. Other companies have chosen to take similar measures to avoid contagion among their employees.

At the moment in Spain we are not aware of any particular guidelineWhile in Italy there are plans to close some stores in the rest of Europe, there have been no movements in this regard either. Apple is suffering very closely from the ravages of the coronavirus and is taking action on it on all fronts to prevent and manage the circumstance as best as possible.