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Animal Crossing: Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Need to water the trees?

James can usually be found in overalls.

You will need a city full of trees to collect the wood and fruit you need to prosper. Here is all the information you need, even if trees need to be watered.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Need to water the trees?

Trees are spawned mostly randomly at the start of your island getaway. However, you can plant new young trees and bury fruit to grow more.

You don't have to water your trees to grow them. If your trees are dying before they have fully grown, you are probably doing something wrong.

Where do I plant trees?

Trees can be planted anywhere in your city that is outside and covered in grass or dirt. To get started, you need a shovel, and just dig a hole, pick up the retoo or fruit from your pocket and put it on the ground.

Whatever you do, don't plant them on a tile next to buildings, walls, or water. This applies to all other types of permanent structure, and it applies even if you terraform your land to change these properties.

Trees take 3 days to grow and can be cut with an ax. The mun stay, and this can be dug up with a shovel.

However, even if you have taken all of this into account, sometimes your tree just doesn't go where you want it to. Occasionally, the trees will go extinct without warning, so if you're trying to harvest foreign fruit, it's best to plant a couple of backup trees just to make sure.

If you are trying to plant fruit trees to earn money, it is worth checking out our guide on how to make bells quickly for more tips. Also, you'll want to start earning Nook Miles quickly, so we've got a page for that, too.