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Amazon Prime Video debuts much more than a redesign

Amazon Prime Video debuts much more than a redesign

The coronavirus outbreak has caused a disaster for the entire global economy. One of the industries that felt the effects earlier was entertainment. In fact, thousands of movie theaters around the world have closed their doors until further notice.

The heading of streaming is and continue to be for a long time the mainstay of film lovers, for whom there has been good news amidst bewilderment. Along with the redesign of its page, Amazon Prime Video has renewed its billboard, with a selection called simply Cinema.

Among the most recent developments are the Pixar animated film Onward (United), the reissue of the classic horror The Invisible Man (The invisible man), the drama of little Emma and the action thriller The hunt (The hunt), according to Digital Trends.

With a cast led by Elisabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale), Oliver Jackson-Cohen (Faster) and Harriet Dyer (No Activity), The Invisible Man It had been released in late February in the United States, while Onward debut on March 6. The hunt He did it on the 13th of the same month, but his debut in the rest of the planet was only scheduled for April.

Renting these movies on the streaming platform costs $ 20, which isn't cheap, but it's not too far from the price of a movie ticket, either. At the moment, premiere titles are available only to subscribers in the United States.

If the value seems prohibitive to you, Amazon Prime Video still offers movie productions to rent or buy at more reasonable prices of $ 6 or less, so if you're simply looking for something to entertain yourself while you're quarantining at home, you have plenty of options.

The chaos that COVID-19 caused in the entertainment industry forced companies like Disney to launch content early on streaming platforms. The animated sequel Frozen 2For example, it was streamed three months earlier than scheduled, something similar to what has happened with Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker.

Disney said it hoped to provide "some fun and joy during this challenging period," especially for children who have to stay home, Digital Trends noted.

The American giant also decided to delay some of its next releases, such as Black widow, the next film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which was slated to debut in theaters on May 1. The premiere of the live-action version of Mulan It has also been delayed, as it was originally scheduled for March 27.

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