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After the Galaxy S10, Samsung tries other names for its flagship cell phone: report

The Galaxy S10 would be the last to be called in this way, as the company analyzes options to move to a new way of naming it.

Andrew Hoyle / CNET

Samsung may change the nomenclature of its phones from the successor of the Galaxy S10. The reason? Apparently he wants to avoid confusion between users.

"Samsung knows that after the S10, people might not like long names that would come in two-digit numbers if we stick with the current system," said a Samsung marketing executive quoted by Yonhap News. The executive whose name is not mentioned gave as an example how difficult it is to pronounce Galaxy S11, Galaxy S12 or Galaxy S13.

"Nothing has been decided yet," he added during statements under the MWC, according to the Korean media. "The company is looking for options that may be liked by consumers."

The rumors of a name change started Last year, after Apple started using the Roman symbol X to refer to the iPhone 10 or "Ten". Samsung continues to use natural numbers for its nomenclature, but this could change to use only letters or something else.

The use of letters only was rumored after reports of a folding phone (now official and known by the name Galaxy Fold). Samsung would have considered using only the name Galaxy F or Galaxy V, and using only letters could be made from the successor to the Galaxy S10 that is still a year away. The Note 9's successor will continue to use numbers and could tentatively be called Galaxy Note 10.

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