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YouTube, like Netflix, reduces the quality of streaming in Europe for a month to hog less bandwidth

YouTube to reduce the image quality of videos in Europe to free up bandwidth and not hinder the telework of those who are quarantined by the coronavirus Credit: Shutterstock




They will reduce the quality of their video broadcasts to lower the pressure on the internet in Europe, where several countries decreed confinement to contain the spread of the new


, how

Argentina did yesterday


After talking with the European Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton, Google, the owner of YouTube, continued this Friday

the footsteps of Netflix, that the eve had already made the decision to reduce the quality

 in all its flows in Europe for 30 days.

The video quality of

Netflix or YouTube can be reduced manually

 from each device, to prevent them from hogging all the bandwidth of a home connection, but in this way it frees the user from having to do it and ensures a better data flow throughout the network.

No 4K videos

"We promised to

temporarily change all EU traffic to the standard definition

by default, "a Google spokesperson said in a statement, expressing the company's commitment to working with governments and network operators.

Teleworking and confinement in Europe to prevent the progression of the pandemic resulted in increased internet traffic, so Breton called on digital platforms in recent days to take steps to reduce pressure.

Europe has become the epicenter of the pandemic, which started in China in December and has since infected more than 240,000 people and exceeded the symbolic barrier of the 10,000 deaths worldwide.

Agence France Press