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WhatsApp warn you of dangerous links sent to you

WhatsApp is currently in a particular fight. In India, where the majority of its citizens use this messaging system, it has created a money reserve fund to study how fake news spreads, and to find out how to fight it. It is the response to the lynching of two people that took place in that country after spreading false news about a crime they had committed.

In the same way, the company is developing options in the application that will serve to try to minimize the scope of the news that comes to us from our contacts, which are from Webs that impersonate others.

EYE: suspicious link

The tool being tested, although it is not currently in the stable application, will warn us with a big red sign When someone sends us a link on a page that has many appearances of being a fake news website.

There are many pages that pose as respected means simply cloning their visual style and buying a similar domain, for example one in which you change a letter or a number 0, an uppercase letter i for a lowercase l, etc.

WhatsApp will warn you of dangerous links sent to you

In this way, the aim is to reduce the number of openings for such links and the inertia of users to share it even if they have not read it.

If, despite everything, we want to open it, a new notice will pop up In which we will be informed that the website that we are about to visit may be trying to impersonate a more reputable one.

Obviously, if we still want to see it, the system will leave us, but we will visit it at our own risk.

It is striking that to establish whether a url can be malicious or not, the system does not send anything to WhatsApp servers, but rather quarantine locally, deciding our installed app whether or not it is a problematic url.