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WhatsApp for iPad to arrive after seven years of waiting

If it is true that currently tablets have declined in terms of popularity, brands such as Apple and Samsung still remain firm in this type of market, since there are users who left the computer aside for one of the tablets powered by Android or iOS. There is a great difference in the tablets with this system, and that is that in Android we can use WhatsApp without any problem, but the Apple iPad does not yet have this application, but the good news is that the wait will only be 7 years, since that very soonWhatsApp reach the iPad,finally.

WhatsApp is about to reach the iPad.

Although WhatsApp Business is still in its testing phase, it is already in its last revision, it could be said that they are only polishing the application before it is launched, its main feature is that it allows managing a messaging account representing some company. You will wonder why we mentioned WhatsApp Business if we are talking about the arrival of this application on the iPad, well, when creating a messenger account of a company, you are receiving too many messages and what better than to manage all these messages from a powerful device such as the iPad , besides that it would be much more comfortable. So that's why we mentioned this app, because we assume that the launch of WhatsApp Business has something to do with the iPad version of WhatsApp.

We still do not have an exact date when WhatsApp for iPad will be launched, we only know that it is already in its development phase, this is known because in the most recent version of the messaging application, references to iOS were found, but more specifically for the Apple operating system for tablets. It is very likely that you have already heard that some users can make use of the application thanks to the jailbreak, with which the application installation restrictions are skipped.

As we said, we still do not know the specific date, but we assume that this will be a great furor in users, especially in those who have an iPad, it only remains to wait to see how this application will work, and if we consider that they have 7 years, the safest thing is that it does not leave much to be desired.