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Google has a multitude of products that go unnoticed. It neither advertises nor highlights them in its applications. One of them is the web or service that allows us to have a series of lists shared with our contacts.

I have always used an application to carry the shopping list but a few weeks ago I switched to the Google service because of how easy it was to use it with the Assistant. We could say at any time «OK Google, add this product to the shopping list» and the program incorporated it immediately.

Although it mostly worked well, it was true that it did not have many options but this has changed somewhat after the last update, which is used to also change the design.

In line with what has been seen in other applications and services, Material Design 2 makes an appearance and now the Google Shopping List has a less colorful and more elegant interface.

Gestures to control the elements

The first thing we have won is some extra gesture. Before we could already delete the elements, for example, but not move them.

  1. Hold down: allows us to move a position element.
  2. Swipe right: We will delete the element.
  3. Swipe left– We will mark the item as purchased.
  4. Play: We will open the new options menu.

New options in each item

But the most relevant novelty is the one that adds two options to each item on the shopping list. When we go to buy sometimes we have to mark the quantity of elements that we have to acquire, either because it is not generic or because we need them for a specific recipe.

With the new update we can click on an object and modify the number of the same that we have to buy.

The option of take notes, in case we want to buy something in a specific establishment or if we want it to be from one brand or another.

The last novelty is the one that allows remove objects marked as completed, something that I personally wanted for a long time and going one by one was quite surreal. To do this we just have to click on the icon of the three points and select the option to delete.

You can manage your list from the options of the Google Home application, the Google Assistant or visiting its website.