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Twitter is updated and now you can express yourself with 280 characters

This news will be liked by many users who love to express and publicize their ideas through Twitter, which were very difficult to synthesize with the limitation of only 140 characters, because now it is quite a reality that this great social network will It allows up to 280 characters, which certainly sounds pretty good.

On the other hand, it would surely also cause the annoyance of a percentage of users who consider that 140 characters is what defines the identity and of course the essence of twitter.

This news is something that you can already see since September 27, when the ad platform That very soon users could experience too noticeable as well as memorable change in the whole history of twitter, since apparently 140 characters were not enough to express, then publishing a message with a limit of 280 characters would be somewhat more feasible for all users.

Previously only some users of the platform were privileged to have the 280 characters, which served to assess whether they worked to stay, apparently the assessment was a success so it is now official that all Twitter users will have the long-awaited 280 characters that the platform was already promising us previously.

Now all that remains is to hope that users don't get bored of reading such long tweets and want 140 characters back.

Without a doubt, with 280 characters it will be easier to express ourselves without the restriction of only having 140 that limited us.

It should be noted that these days the new function would reach the applications of all the members who make up twitter.

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