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TikTok, is launching an attempt to increase transparency

TikTok is launching a content moderation center in a bid to increase transparency, the Chinese company said on Wednesday, as it faces the reunion of US lawmakers who accused it of sharing user data with the Chinese government.

The Transparency Center

It will open at the TikTok office in Los Angeles, where external experts will oversee its operations, the company said on its blog.

Later, the center would provide information on the application's source code, closely guarded software internal instructions, and provide more details on privacy and security.

Several US agencies dealing with national security and intelligence issues have banned employees from using the app, whose popularity with teens has been growing rapidly.

According to a 2017 Chinese law

Companies operating in the country must cooperate with the government in matters of national intelligence.

The US Navy USA He banned the app in December from his government-issued mobile devices, calling it a "Cybersecurity threat". Later that month, TikTok released its first transparency report on the «Volume and nature» of government requests for account information from its users.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley

He called for a blanket ban on the app for all federal employees last week, representing a broader concern among lawmakers over the collection and sharing of US user data with the Chinese government.

However, the company has refuted the claims and has said that data from US users. USA They are stored in the United States and that China has no jurisdiction over content that is not in China.


Owned by the Chinese tech company ByteDance, it allows users to create and share short videos with special effects and is very popular in Southeast Asia, including India.