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This is the most incredible iPhone 12 ms concept we've seen to date

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<p>If there is something we like to see during the months prior to the launch of an iPhone, it is the concepts that dozens of designers imagine about the new Apple device. There are times when they show totally impossible designs with weird and back screens, but <strong>other times they try to get as close as possible</strong> to what the rumors say.</p><div class=

This is the case of the concept that we show you today. A design created by graphic designer Muhsin M. Belaal Auckburaully for the YouTube channel DBS Designing and showing a design based on the latest rumors we've heard. We have a design very similar to that of the iPhone 4, four rear cameras, Touch ID under the screen and much more.

It is clear that we will not see all these developments in the new iPhone 12 ProHowever, it is a really interesting design that is worth seeing.

iPhone 12 concept

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An iPhone 12 that many want

So far we have known enough news to incorporate the new iPhone 12 this year, however we are still not entirely clear about its final design. At this stage other years we already knew almost 100% the design of the new iPhone, but at the moment we do not know much about the design of the iPhone 12.

In this concept, the first thing that strikes the eye is a straight design similar to the one we had on the iPhone 4 but with a total absence of frames on the screen. Also here we have no notch, the cameras are hidden and there is not a notch on the screen, something we all want.

new concept iPhone 12

Another novelty that includes this concept is a fourth rear camera in a different module than the one we currently have on the iPhone and more similar to that of some rivals of the competition. Personally I think the current design of the iPhone 11 Pro cameras is much more aesthetic than that of this concept, although it would have to be seen how it would be with a fourth rear sensor.

iPhone 12 concept

Finally we would have turn the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, but this time it will be located under the screen. This is a recurring rumor in recent months, although we really did not fully understand it. It would be very strange that Apple returned to a fingerprint sensor considering how well Face ID works and its possible evolution in the future. In addition it would also be strange that they included both methods, although you never know. This connector imagines that would be so.

touch id under screen iPhone 12

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Without a doubt it is an incredible concept, to such an extent that it seems really difficult that it is possible to manufacture today. As we see, you are not only incredibly fine, but It has very small screen frames and we do not know where the front camera is. We would love that the next iPhone looked like this concept, however it is very likely that it will end up being something different. It is probably a mixture of this concept and the current iPhone 11 Pro. Below is the full video.