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The OnePlus 8 Pro could have a 120Hz screen

Renders of the OnePlus 8

Practically since the first model that OnePlus launched on the market, this manufacturer has been innovating practically in all subsequent models, being a benchmark in the world of telephony when it comes to implementing the latest generation elements at prices for all budgets.

However, as the years have passed, the price of the OnePlus has been increasing and today, it is not so easy recommend a OnePlus. Leaving aside the price policy that has followed in recent years, today we talk about the latest news related to the next generation: OnePlus 8.

The latest rumors related to the next generation of the OnePlus 8 suggest that it will have a 120Hz screen. This information comes from a tweet from Max J. He says that he regularly filters information related to Samsung. Initially thought to be the next generation of the Samsung S range, the S11, however, I was talking about the OnePlus 8 Pro.

The first manufacturer to launch a smartphone with a 120Hz screen was Razer a couple of years ago, so he would continue on his way to a mobile phone intended for video game use, which is where the difference really shows. Although this new generation of the OnePlus is still a few months away, it is most likely managed by the Snapdragon 865 and accompanied by 12 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage.

Most likely, the price of the OnePlus Pro range increase again if the adoption of a 120Hz screen is finally confirmed, something to which the Asian company has unfortunately accustomed us and which has gradually started to piss off its most loyal followers, especially also due to the renewal every 6 months that hardly brings news to the terminals.