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The new Google Photos button allows you to edit images with other applications.

Do not use Google Photos? You should know that this is one of the best applications that we must have on our device. This is an app that allows us to have all our images in a safe place and which we can access from any device regardless of where in the world we are. Yes, we will not deny that it is an application that is not perfect, but its functions are very interesting, in addition to useful, since we canmake a backup,Share albums and manage all our content in a fast but secure way. We can even say that it helps us save valuable space on our smartphone, and that is why today we will be talking about a function that we found very interesting, this function was made available to us with the last update. Before you launch into Google Play, we must tell you that it is not yet available, but rest assured, it is only a matter of days until it arrives officially. These changes begin to be noticed in version v3.9 and although they are not very noticeable, they can help if you are someone who spends a lot of time editing photos.

A button that allows you to edit photos.

It is very common to edit photos from our computer to obtain a very professional result, but for a while now this can be done from the smartphone, one more reason why the smartphone is replacing computers, although not entirely. We already know that there are thousands of image editors on Google Play, and the best known is Snapseed. Google Photos also has its own image editor, in which we can rotate the photo, crop it and slightly modify the brightness, contrast and some other things. If you are one of those who edit the images, it is very likely that you already have some editing applications installed on your smartphone.

Here is the novelty of Google Photos, if we already have the editing application installed, we do not necessarily have to open it and select the photo, but from Google Photos we can touch the new button Β«Edit inΒ»To then select the third-party application that we like the most to start modifying the image. If you want to know where to find this button, you should look for it inside theeditor of Google Photos,This will definitely give you more options to work in a better way the image.

Without a doubt it is something that attracts a lot of attention to all lovers of publishing, although some of us are not good at this subject, there are several that will find this shortcut very useful. At the moment this is the most notable change in Google Photos, you just have to wait for the application to update, this until it officially arrives at Google Play.