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The Internet is affected by the coronavirus worldwide

The coronavirus is still spreading throughout the world; In some countries they have ordered that restaurants and bars be closed entirely. Meanwhile, a variety of other public establishments, from movie theaters and gyms to Apple retail stores, closed their doors a few days ago.


This, many employers are allowing employees to work from home, has resulted in a somewhat precedent scenario in which the number of people staying home and connecting, either to work or to stream a variety of media content It is perhaps higher than ever at any other time in history

"As millions of people in the United States switch to work and learn from home this week to limit the spread of the coronavirus, they will test Internet networks with one of the largest massive behavioral changes the nation has experienced."

"That is set to tighten the underlying infrastructure of the Internet, with the burden likely to be felt particularly in two areas: the home networks people have established in their residences, and Comcast, Charter, and Verizon home Internet services in those who trust those home networks. «

The increase in online, connected people at the same time affects Internet performance country by country.

In United States

Speedtest analyzed broadband performance in three areas: King County, Washington, San Francisco County in California, and Westchester County in New York.

While the initial broadband speed as of March 13 seemed relatively normal, the dynamics changed when Speedtest conducted another test just three days later:

March 16, 2020:

Average fixed broadband download speeds decreased in San Francisco and Westchester counties between the week of March 2 and the week of March 9. The decline was most pronounced in Westchester County. Mobile download speed increased in both Westchester County and San Francisco County during the same period. Mobile latency also increased in San Francisco County.

March 13, 2020:

Fixed and mobile broadband download speeds appear to vary within a normal range through the week of March 2 in all areas of the United States we analyzed. When we update this analysis next week, we will look to see if the average fixed broadband download speed in King County continues to decrease and if the average mobile download speed continues to decrease in San Francisco County.

Without a doubt

We will have more complete data to work on in the coming weeks as a good percentage of the workforce did not start working from home until this week.

Various Internet providers

Obviously they are aware that an avalanche of traffic is coming, they have increased the speed of the Internet in some areas.