The Galaxy S10 5G will go on sale on April 5, but in South Korea

The Galaxy Note 10 will have four rear cameras: report

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 5G inherit its four-lens camera and display type from the Galaxy Note 10.

Andrew Hoyle / CNET

Samsung will have launched its family Galaxy S10 recently, but the company is preparing to launch its next flagship phone.

According to a report from SamMobile, Samsung is already working on the successor to the Galaxy Note 9, which would logically be called the Galaxy Note 10 and that would borrow some features that we already knew with the Galaxy S10 Plus 5G, such as next-generation network connectivity. and the system of four rear cameras.

According to sources at the trusted site, the Note 10 phone will continue to use both the number naming and the one-hole display, similar to the Galaxy S10. Samsung opting for the Infinity-O display type on the Note 10, says SamMobile, which is Samsung's alternative to notch or tongue.

The SamMobile report does not offer much detail beyond the camera and screen aspect, but they are logical characteristics considering that the Note are usually phones with hardly any changes compared to the Galaxy S released months earlier in the same year. Due to its high similarity, Samsung has even analyzed the option to remove any of the two marks, according to reports.

The Galaxy S10 was announced just a few days ago, so it is too soon for Samsung to have already decided everything about the Note 10. SamMobile warns that Samsung may change its plans on this cell phone that we could meet in the fall of the year.

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