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The classic PC comes to Android

Smartphones have changed the way many users play video games. In Android the free to play model is imposed, although the characteristics of this type of games still not fall in love with players with a more classic profile.

Today we know the arrival of a classic PC on our mobile devices, a more traditional game for those who enjoy more traditional games.

Titan Quest: One of Diablo's Rivals Comes to Android

Titan Quest is a hack and slash that more than one will remember fondly. It is about of the game that came out for PC ten years ago. In this game, the Titans have escaped and intend to destroy the earth, so a hero will have to fight to save the world.

titan quest 3

In this game we will travel through the ancient civilizations of Greece, Egypt, Babylon or China, and we will have to fight with hordes of enemies that will allow us to gain more and more power so that we can challenge the Titans and save the world. Behind this argument there are more than 60 hours of game where we can customize our character with an arsenal of weapons and skills.

titan quest 2

In this remastering they have respected all the virtues of the original game, although they have had to adapt some aspects to make the experience work as well as possible on touch screens. Thus, the interface is now fully tactile, and the mechanics have also been adapted to this type of control. We will also have difficulty modes and achievements, which makes the experience even better.

Titan Quest is now available on Android, although not for free. The game costs 6.99 euros on Google Play that will give us access to the complete game that we already enjoyed on the PC in its day. In exchange for payment, we will get a complete experience without micropayments or ads.