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The best augmented reality games for mobile phones

Augmented reality has been with us for many years. When Android was in diapers, applications began to appear that showed that this type of technology had a lot to offer (for example, to translate texts with the camera). Despite the fact that augmented reality has also been an unfulfilled promise since the beginning of Android, it seems that in recent months something has begun to change.

In this year 2016 we have observed how virtual reality was once again a trend, and there is no doubt that thanks to Pokémon Go augmented reality has become relevant again. Pokémon Go was not the first augmented reality game, of course, but it must be recognized that it was the first to reach far beyond the circle of players who already enjoyed this technology on a regular basis.

But, today, what are the best augmented reality games that we can find on Google Play? These are our choices, and we guarantee that none of them starts with Po and ends by Go.


Niantic Labs a few years ago was nothing more than a small Google department that was developing an Augmented Reality game called Ingress. In Ingress, there are two factions fighting for dominance of the land, the Resistance and the Illuminati.

U.S we can belong to one of the two sides and conquer on their behalf some of the points of interest scattered around the world map, in which we will move thanks to the GPS of our mobile.

Droid Shooting

A game about Droid Shooting could not be missing in an article on Augmented Reality. Is about one of the first Augmented Reality games that exist on Android, and despite all the time it has been without receiving updates, it is one of those games that never go out of style.

The game has no GPS, no features, no history, but follows a rather arcade theme. Androids appear around us that we will have to eliminate in a time limit, and for this we will only have a radar and the camera of our mobile.

Zombies, run!

Zombies are one of the most popular fictional creatures in modern culture, thanks to books, movies, and series that tell stories with the undead as the main antagonist figure.

So relevant is it in our culture that many people joke about a zombie apocalypse in which the undead invade us. Zombies, run! It is a game that uses this theme to make our training a little more fun. The game consists of putting on the headphones and taking your mobile to run. When you take a while you'll start to hear the zombies approach, and you will have to flee from them to complete the missions that the game is proposing to you.