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The best apps to make video calls or online meetings

The Internet and various applications allow video calls to be made practically from any computer or mobile device, ideal for those who are working from home due to the emergency caused by the coronavirus. And you don't need to spend a fortune: these platforms meet the needs and budgets of any type of user. Without further ado, we present below some of the best apps for making video calls.

This platform is one of the most flexible at the moment, since participants do not need to register to be part of a video conference or virtual meeting, in addition to being able to follow it through their computer or mobile devices.

Although it has various payment plans, its free modality is also very complete, since it allows up to 100 participants and unlimited meetings per day, but with a maximum duration of 40 minutes each, among other options. Also, your screen sharing option is ideal for business meetings.

Group FaceTime interface

If your team is small and all are users of Apple products, the most immediate tool for you is Group FaceTime, in which up to 32 people can participate through their iPhone, iPad or Mac.

The Californian company ensures that video calls are encrypted from end to end, to ensure the privacy of the participants, and it is only necessary to have the support of iOS 12.1.4 or iPadOS on the computers.

If you need to digitally meet with one or two members of your team, you may need to make a video call via WhatsApp (up to four participants), which are also end-to-end encrypted.

This function, that of video calls, is only available for the mobile version of the platform that belongs to Facebook, so you will not be able to make them through WhatsApp Web, at the moment.

Skype main interface

If you are challenged to meet with your work team or classmates, and present your progress on an important project, Skype is a very attractive tool, especially due to its easy operation.

Group video calling allows up to 50 people to meet and collaborate at the same time with ease. With the group shared screen, you can present PowerPoint slides, video recordings and much more to the entire team, says the service belonging to Microsoft.

Microsoft Products

All the power of the Microsoft package, from editing Word documents to PowerPoint presentations, and various interactive tools, such as group chats and video calls with tens or hundreds of participants, are some of the characteristics of Teams.

In fact, the company defines these tools as the center for Office 365 teamwork. It is available for the desktop (Windows) and for the cell phone (iOS and Android).

Does your company use G Suite, from Gmail to Drive? Then, this Google service, especially for companies, will be the perfect complement for your team, so that they can easily meet from a distance.

Among its features, it is possible to join video calls with a simple link or through the cell phone (iOS and Android) with the press of a button; and encrypted audio and video broadcasts for those who are concerned about their privacy.

This platform wants you to start a video call with a client without complications, as easy as when you open the link of a website to consult information of your interest.

The person who receives the call does not need to have a registration or install an application to answer it from their preferred device. Thanks to the WebRTC technology incorporated in the latest versions of the browsers, Gruveo's video and voice calls are prepared to work directly, the company says.

On some Android phones, this platform is already installed by default, so you can quickly make group calls with up to eight of your contacts or coworkers.

Like most of Google's products, this one is distinguished by not being anything complicated, in addition to the fact that your calls will be encrypted, which means that they will be private for you and the person you call, indicates the Californian firm.

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