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Tablets help improve airline efficiency and punctuality


Tablets help improve airline efficiency and punctuality

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November 14, 2014

One of the big problems of catching a plane is the uncertainty of whether it will arrive on time, if there will be a delay in takeoff or when landing. Undoubtedly, the priority is security and sometimes, the different controls that have to be carried out cause time to run out on them. What if there was a quick way to have it all under observation? For that, companies already use EFBs. Austrian Airlines, has incorporated the use of Surface Pro 3 to their system, and the results have been so positive, they could soon enter the cab.

EFB (Electronic Fligh Bag) They have been an important advance for airlines, since they allow information to be handled electronically, leaving paper aside. Austrian Airlines has designed its own system based on tablets, specifically on the latest Microsoft model, Surface Pro 3, obtaining a clear benefit: β€œthe processes surrounding flight operations are more efficient, compared to the records we keep of that epoch, punctuality has improved. ”

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So much so, that they are already planning the next step, taking the Redmond tablets to the cockpit. Philipp Haller, one of the Austrian Airlines pilots who would receive the device on the job, believes that "Surface Pro will allow the flight crew to have all the information related to the flight at hand, even when it is disconnected." Thanks to these data, the company's maneuverability is expanded, and therefore, it would be easier to comply with established schedules.

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To carry out this idea, Austrian Airlines will have to get hold of 950 pieces Surface Pro 3 to distribute them among the entire fleet of aircraft. The chosen model is the standard for calling it in some way. It has the 12.2-inch screen, processor Intel Core i5, 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage, as well as Windows 8.1. Enough for the task they have to carry out.

A curious news but that has a precedent, another airline, Delta, It has already introduced tablets in the cabins of its aircraft, specifically Surface 2. Although a somewhat strange situation occurred here, and that is that the pilots preferred an iPad because of its ease of use, but the flight company had some type of According to Microsoft, we assume that one similar to that achieved with Austrian Airlines.

Source: Uberguizmo